Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She really, really believes

This is Santa Claus, checking the list to see if Pancake (my daughter, age 5) and Mac ( my son, age 2) have been naughty or nice. I can guarentee you, they have been good as gold. :)

This year, my daughter believes in Santa Claus. It is a deeper and more elaborate belief than last year.

As we were shopping for sweaters on Sunday, the topic of Santa came up. She would hold up things and say, "I want this for Christmas" and then politely put it back. After two or three times, I said, you need to wait until you see Santa, then you can tell him what you want for Christmas. She came close to me, with a very serious look on her face. Then she whispered, "Mom, he can hear us now, and when you say you want it for Christmas, he knows. He's watching us right now."

I felt a rush of wow, weird and misty eyed. Then, I heartily agreed with her assessment. "Yes, you're right, he can hear us right now." We smiled.

Last night, we went to see Mr. Claus himself. She sat on his lap, not saying much, more basking in the happiness. He had to gently coax her into talking. It took a few minutes, this visit. She was beaming the whole time.

After, I asked her what they talked about. "I asked him for a Hanna Montana coloring book. And I told him Mac is too little to ask, so I asked for an Elmo for him." I asked her what else she might want Santa to bring her. "Santa can bring what he wants, he can decide", she said smiling.

I asked her what Santa said to her, "Did he ask what your name is sweetheart?"

"Mom, he already knows who I am, silly".

Again, a mixture of holy good Lord, she really believes.

And to top the night off she chanted this on the ride home:

"S-A-N-T-A, SANTA SANTA! He's our man!"

The kicker though, the absolute kicker, happened when I was tucking her into bed.

"Can we get a present for Santa when he comes? I wish we can get him a present too."

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badgerdaddy said...

That is abnormally sweet. She could end up diabetic, with that amount of sweetness within.

James said...

WE always leave Santa a small bottle of beer, a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolf all on a plate. In the morning it is all gone and outside the house is the top of the carrot which Rudolf did not eat. We make sure the children find it.

Oh we are so wicked to our children

Mrs. Hall said...

Welcome BadgerDaddy! I am glad you enjoyed the sweetness of a few Pancakes. No syrup needed!

I hope to here from you again :)

James: such a good idea, having evidence of some Santa eat some of the cookies and such. The carrot idea is awesome! And what the heck is mince pie?


Verdant Earl said...

I have been on Santa's naughty list for longer than I care to admit.

Bruce Johnson said...

And so starts the long slow descent into the 'Cult of Santa'....the next big non-profit worship center in the United States.

He already has quite the powerbase....now if he can just stop them from matureing and figuring things out.

SK Waller said...

I miss having little children around at Christmas. Both of my sons are grown, but they're confirmed bachelors. No grandkids for me! :(

Mrs. Hall said...

B.E. Earl: Yeah, I can believe that.

Bruce: Thanks for stopping by.

I hope your holidays will be bright.

Mrs. Hall said...

Steph: I completely understand. I am holding on to these years as long as I can :)

Bonez said...

Wow, this brought tears to my eyes, Holly. Remembrances of the special tender innocent times of my children and the sadness of also remembering when that innocence and belief in the miracles of Christmas were lost. Cherish these times as they will be treasures for you that no one can take.

James said...

Oh a mince pie is a little pastry with a filling of "mincemeat" which is not REAL mince at all but like a jam made of sultanas and raisins and stuff. It has a little pastry lid on it too. They are just for Christmas.

Slyde said...

God bless her. My son just turned 6 and he's still a believer, but i wonder how many more christmases that will be the case.

one thing i know is that i will be very sad when he stops believing.

Big Pissy said...

That is just absolutely adorable!

What a sweetheart! :)

Antler said...

Hi there......
Yes I use a dremmel...used it on patient number 1 in fact - AND thankfully - as I have yet to pick up the lovely all singing all dancing doppler, the pulses were palpatable and present....some of those I tried to find on patients at college when I was doing my finals were invisible to the naked finger, so I made an executive decision to get the bit of kit, so that I never have to go away worrying about a diabetic foot dropping off.....well, hells teeth, with a doppler AND an monofilament, I can't fail to detect something - eh!!!!!????

I do a good line in worry - which is why I am doing my best to get it right....hence the 34degree C autoclave - with testing strips and written record of each 'fire-up'....the patient charter - the infection control policy.....the insurance the, the, the, etc!My computer has been SO busy!!!

I couldn't do your job tho!

Anonymous said...

This is our first Christmas without Santa.

I think he had a good idea about the myth last year, but was afraid to say anything and miss out on any presents.

But, this year, he really knows. And it is totally, completely sad.

I miss Santa already.

Anonymous said...


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