Monday, December 15, 2008

Hold on, gotta get my un-shy on first

Jeff is now living here three-four days a week. WEE-HEE for me and ours! Too bad for the blog here. She suffers, this blog. She misses my daily posts. But she doesn't touch my boobies so nana na na na!

Went to the children's museum on Saturday. I must say, the kid's museum up here, in this semi small town is actually nicer than the one we use to go to. It's bigger, more room for the kids to run around, touching things, running headlong into people their own size. Lots of little kid on kid fun.

And like most kid museums, there is a play area shaped like a little restaurant. Complete with faux soda fountains, plastic ovens and spongy counter seats. There is an area for the costumers (a.k.a. Moms and Dads) where they can be waited on by eager 6-10 year olds. They cook the plastic food and rush it over to the table. I am telling you people, Moms and Dads can sit for 34-43 minutes, being waited on over and over.


Whoever decided this should be part of any and all kid's museums, well, seriously, I would like to buy them a drink! They should get a million dollars or something. After all, there is no other time in my parenting career where I have sat for 34-43 minutes while the kids were awake. Let alone serving me faux food. ;)

Yet here is the dilemma. Jeff often chases the wee Mac during these times. As do most Dads. Which leaves the Moms. We are all slightly over educated, stylish and have brown hair. And this Saturday, it was me and another Mom. I smiled at her, perhaps made small talk to put her at ease. After all, her daughter was sort of, um, bossing Pancake around. Which is fine really, Pancake enjoys being the helper and can stand up for herself if needs be.

I have a great smile.

And um, this other Mom, she responded. And I fucking shut down like a goddamn baby turtle. I stopped making eye contact. I purposefully avoided more talking. She did offer more. She made a joke even!

I wonder if this is what guy's go through. Figuring out how to talk to other women. Man it must suck. At least I have an idea of what to say. I am a girl afterall. But dag nammit!

I remembered my promise to knock this off. This shyness. After all, I deserve to make friends, to have lunch at restaurants that don't have menus you can color on, with people I don't have to threaten with a time out.


Well, Jeff did buy a membership to the kid's museum. He has instructed me we are going EVERYWEEKEND! So next time.

Next time. I will get my un-shy on and say something. You mark my words!

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Verdant Earl said...

"We are all slightly over educated, stylish and have brown hair."

Just like the Stepford Wives.

Mrs. Hall said...


well, I do favor the 3/4 sleeve cardigan sweaters.


well, there ya go

Slyde said...

i'm only nervous around women that i want to sleep with...

so, you know, thats most of em....

James said...

Hope you get over your shyness. After all you are not shy with your patients are you? You are in that position of power I guess.

Laundry Fairy has a strange thing with other women sometimes.
Like she will come back from the school and say she has met this new friend. And for a week or two she will talk with/about this new friend a lot, sometimes they even go out. She will be full of this new person. Then after about two weeks (this seems the crucial time) she just goes off them.
Just like that.
I know these peeps are often hurt and confused by this . Because I get the fall out. They will come to me when I pick up our daughter and ask me why LF hasn't called or why she is ignoring them.
I have never been able to completely figure out this aspect of my wife. One of her mysteries.

But my best guess is that she is what I call a "man's girl" rather than a "girl's girl". She prefers being in men's company I think. But this doesn't explain it totally.

Maybe you would be able to shed some light on it Mrs Hall with your proffesional powers?

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: very funny there ;)

James: Well, to use my "powers" I would have to charge you but, I can say, via the power of common sense, this pattern, no matter the reason behind it, it serves a purpose. Otherwise the pattern would have stopped by now.

Perhaps she can't identify why this pattern keeps happening. But if she wants to change it, then she can.

Either way, when the friends seek you out for explanations, firmly but gently direct them to the source, that being LF. No need to take the fallout.

But i would bring your concerns to LF. Gently and from a place of "you are a wonderful person and people respond to this, I see you enjoy (this person's) company, why don't you give them a call?" Or "You are a wonderful person, I know you had enjoyed (this AND that person's) company? I just am noticing you don't sustain the friendships with the people that make you happy? What do you think is going on?"

jebus. see, I have know lapsed into my profession right there.

um, really, if she is fine with pattern or actually doesn't see a pattern then well, live and let live I guess.


It might just be that she honestly has no energy to sink into a new relationship. Don't you have 13 children? (I kid!)(oh, a pun!)

But she can adjust her level of contact (decreasing the frequency and such) to sustain things.

DAMMIT enough

ok back to REAL work for me

Mrs. Hall

Big Pissy said...

Wow! That was quite an answer you gave Slyde.

Impressive! :)

Bruce Johnson said...

And you are a psychiatric nurse in real life....hmmm, this seems to be to opposite extremes. Possibly you don't feel comfortable in a one on one situation unless you have some control and authority in the matter?

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce: well, I don't really see my day job as an authority type job. It's more of a helper type job.

But, it is a job I have been trained to do, so there is a comfort level there.

My training in friendships, um, not so much.

but we the more we do, the more we learn and dammit, it will become more comfortable and easier if it kills me!



James said...

Maybe you could bake the woman a cake for next time...or maybe that's too much....frighten her off?

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