Sunday, December 21, 2008

Potter's Ground: Christmas edition!

Welcome back to Potter's Ground, where being creative in the comments and knowing stuff about music gets you points.

It was suspended last week on account of Slyde's car story. I still don't know what to do with it. I mean, how do I assign points to THAT story. (click here for the contest, scroll through the comments to get at Slyde's story.) Maybe ya'll can help me out with what to do there.

But-it is now officially my favorite time of the year CHRISTMAS!!!

So, what is your favorite Christmas song and why?

My current favorite is "Jingle Bells" because little Mac (son age 2) can sing it really, really loud.

I will spare you all from the audio.

But, my all time favorite is "We're a couple of misfits" because well, it fits :)

I would like to say though, I do run around willy nilly!

O-BTW, when the song plays a little advert comes up on the screen, just click on the x to shut it down and enjoy the video! :)

For some reason, sometimes the comment option doesn't show up.

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2. Try coming back in a few minutes.
3. Email comments at butcher (dot) hollow (at) gmail (dot) com

Ok, good luck.

9 Left a message at the beep:

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, the early bird again, I see.

My favorite carol is 'Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer'

Here's why:

My son was born in June when it was almost 100 degrees outside. You know, typical sweltering southern summers. When he was a few days old, my uncle stopped by and was cooing at him over my shoulder as I held my new little baby. He said, "Oh, sing to me mama. Babies love to hear their mamas sing."
"Oh, I do." I assured him.
In reality, I hadn't even thought about it. When he left, I looked down at my little one and tried my best to remember any children's song that would be appropriate to sing to him. I couldn't recall one. (You know how screwy a brain goes when its body has given birth) The only thing I could come up with was good ole Rudolph. So I sang Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer over and over. I never bothered to learn another song. It worked for us.

James said...

My favourite Christmas song is Jonah Looey "stop the cavalry".

I feel that song has a genuine message about stopping wars, celebrating life instead, you know all that precious stuff. But it's not about the commercial crappy side of "Xmas" which I hate.

I have to stop and listen whenever it comes on. The first few times anyway. They tend to flog it to death.

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: I had the very same problem when the wee Pancake was a few days old. The only song I could think of was "Nobody knows,how dry I am". hee hee. We have since moved on. 10 points for you!

James: Good for you still keeping the xmas spirit in the face of so much advertising!

:) 10 points!

Slyde said...

wow, i didnt mean to halt the potters ground! next time i'll just stick with the dick jokes :)

anyway, my fav christmas song is Christmas Wrapping by the waitresses. I cant tell you why, but all i know is that i dont officially ever feel like its christmas until im driving somewhere and it comes on the radio.

and i still havent heard it yet this year...

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: Have no fear about sharing and sticking to dick jokes.

Share any type of story you would like. Being thrown for a loop is a good thing really. And besides, I needed a week off ;)

Ok-I will try to find a copy of this song! 10 points!

Bruce Johnson said...

No can see video....thank the firewall and they boys and girls in our ITD Department.

Best Christmas song.....ugh...I have heard them all so many times. Although the Sick and Twisted songs of Bob Rivers usually put me in a good mood. His 12 Days of Christmas is a classic.

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce: YEAH I know noone can see the video at work. This is why I post the vids on weekends now.

But, haven't heard what song you are talking about. I'll have to look it up.

Then we'll see . . .

I still hope your holiday is bright. Even if it is sick and twisted.


James said...

But I work weekends....ah well you have to go with the majority..if it's crucial to the comp. I stay awake a little when I get home and log on then to watch the videos.

Big Pissy said...

Oh, this is an easy one for me!

"Santa Clause and his old lady"

by Cheech and Chong

Who DOESN'T like a stoner Christmas song with reindeer named "Vato" and "Beto"?

This "song" never fails to make me laugh.....even after all these years of hearing it. :)

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