Friday, December 5, 2008

Breaking my heart in the most wonderful way: Pancake edition

I have challenged myself to be thankful every day. So this week, here is a peek as to what I am thankful for. Click here for further visuals.

1. At the playground this summer, after a rainy spell, Pancake was playing on the swings with a friend. Her friend was on a swing, asking for a push. She promptly wiped her muddy hands on her shirt and then pushed him, very gingerly. It stopped my breath, this show of consideration.

2. We were out to dinner with a friend and her daughter, about Pancake's age (5). They both ordered chocolate milk for their respective beverage. When the waitress brought them, Pancake took the first chocolate milk and passed it to the other girl. After the other girl was settled, Pancake then took her own. I almost cried I was so proud.

3. A few days ago, she wrote a letter to Santa. Her list was reasonable. At the end of the letter she wrote, "Please bring an Elmo for Mac". This is her little two year old brother. I did cry as I read this. She is endlessly giving to him, endlessly patient and snuggly.

This girl of mine, this wonderful, wonderful girl. I am so blessed.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Bruce Johnson said...

I hope and pray she stays that way through her teens.

Good Parenting must have something to do with, either that, or you park her in front of all the right TV shows.

Verdant Earl said...

Sounds like a kid with her head on straight. Good job!

Anonymous said...

It's moments like that that let you know, amidst all our parental worries & imperfections, that you are doing something so right. You are raising a compassionate and loving human being.

Kudos to the elder Halls for that.

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce: You seem to have an edge of darkness to the comments you leave. Which is ok really. Just noticing.

BUT! I plan on extending this wonderfulness she has by implementing service into her life. We volunteer even at this age. :)

Earl: Thank ya. Although I think a lot of it goes to her natural temperment.

Cam: :)

James said...

Has she been here before?
Seriously, we wondered that about one of our girls. when she was small she used to come out with the weirdest grown up things and seemed to know things which happened in the the family before she was born and which we had not told her about.

She is still a little like that (12 now) and is an intuitive learner and very musical/right brain oriented. But the world (or the eduacation system) is gradually changing her into a more left-brain individual.

Big Pissy said... sweet. :)

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