Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How I know Santa is real

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When I was a wee Holly, I would always have a hard time waking up on Christmas morning. My brother would be the first one up, poking me before it was light out. One year, he kept jabbing me with a gray plastic ship thing. "HOLLY!! HOLLY!!! LOOK WHAT SANTA BROUGHT?!!"

I remember murmuring something and going back to bed. It was no shock there were a lot of presents, after all, that is what Santa Claus does, bring presents. They could wait till I was done sleeping in.

This was a child's understanding of Christmas. This is a child's innocence and logic. I am now an adult.

The magic I felt, the joy I knew, it is still there. It is a choice I make, to dive back into my childhood understanding and swim to the warm bottom. And there I am happy. The happiness propels me into action. I spread the joy and love to others. And because of this, magic still exists. And because of this, Santa still exists.


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James said...

Yep that's why we all still do it . Well put Holly.

Have a lovely Christmas with your tribe Mrs Hall.

James in England

Mrs. Hall said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mrs H! Came by to comment as per your orders, but also, and more importantly, I came to wish you and your tribe the happiest of Christmases and a - eep - was going to say happy new year, but you can't say that after you've said "happy Christmas". It's a linguistic trap. Or something. Anyway, have a magnificent new year. Thanks for all your support through 2008, and the wisdom you've shared in your comments.

And I still owe you a pic, don't I?


Kate said...

Next time you talk to him, can you ask him to send a pony my way? With a red bow wrapped it's neck?

Mrs. Hall said...

Hello NotKeith: I hope your holidays are bright. Let me email you on the pic ;)

Kate: Will do!!

Merry Christmas All!

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