Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surface. and Surfacing . . . . TEN

Oh my good people. It has been a long month of pukey morning sickness. And for this I deserve something. Oh wait, I'm growing a baby. That's more than enough reward :)

I feel things are changing though. I'm starting to surface a little more. I still feel nauseous but I can eat more than two bites at a time now. I can stay awake more than 3 hours without a cat nap. I feel myself waking up. Which is kind of like waking up after after a disaster really. Only the apocalypse happened on my looks. My surface looks road construction, all tore up with a jackhammer. My hair is longer, but my roots are out of control. My nails and toenails are out sorts. I am pudgy and sore.

BUT. I'm here. Talking and walking. Standing upright a little more. My facial muscles are relaxing and I'm smiling. Coworkers say I look much less green these days. All of which is AWESOME.

I am ten weeks today. The baby has fingernails. Her arms and legs are moving. I can't feel her yet but soon . . soon. so yeah. Here's to surfacing. And ten weeks. Every week is a miracle.

So happy am I!

I realize this video was about the number 12 but sue me. There are no decent sesame street videos about number 10.

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Bruce Johnson said...

Going through all the old blogs I have missed to try and catch up on things and low and behold, I have hit upon it. You are a masochist. Why else would you put up with this pregnancy stuff? I mean seriously. Do you have a secret dungeon in the basement with a iron maiden and a cat-o-nine tails? I wonder.

(I am back in action, at least reading your blogs. Been about a month or so, trying to juggle too many things. I can't comment on all the stuff you have written in my absence, but I making an effort to read all that you have written. Your loyal, hunky and intelligent follower - Lotus070

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