Saturday, May 14, 2011

The crazy up inside . . . NINE

That's the little baby up in mah belly. Amazing that they can take photographs of little babies in bellies.

She's nine weeks now. And my crazy keeps growing. I talk to her, tell her all about her family, about her big brother and big sister. How they are careful around her already. My daughter says things like, "Mommy's growing a baby, that's why she's on the couch all the time."

And the sickness continues but I'm managing better. This too shall pass.

More inside craziness is happening. There are bilateral tendons attached from each hip to the womb. They start out 2 inches and eventually stretch to 12 as the pregnancy progresses. As such, when I sneeze or twist the wrong way they smart something fierce. Mr. Hall says, "Things are blossoming". My pants don't quite fit anymore. Which is awesome. I love wearing dresses. :)

But mostly, I'm just crazy inside. I have all this love and squishiness over the wee one. I've let myself fall hook line and sinker. I've dived in head first loving this little one with all my might. All my crazy comes tumbling out as I show the ultrasound picture to anyone who will look.

I mean, look at her! With her wee butt, and head. And arm buds. But, she's nine weeks today.

Her arms have sprouted.

So proud, so proud!

And so crazy happy.


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Unknown said...

Woot! Arm buds! =)

Anonymous said...


"things are blossoming"~~~love that!


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