Monday, May 30, 2011


Feeling so good this morning. I hope and hope and hope and hope and hope this kind of freedom lasts. I am eating and awake. enjoy the tastes and textures of food. At any moment though, the nausea could sneak back up. It seems there is still lingering shadow.

But for now, I'm ok. Like awesome ok.

Posted this on facebook:

"felt good enough to go for a walk with pancake, we saw blooming trees, tulips and all sorts of spring! And lots of squirrels. Then we start to say, "Daddie . . . I want a squirrel! A trained squirrel!" Just like Veruca Salt. And we laughed and laughed! good times! heee hee . . "

Seriously, when did spring pop up? Did you know everything is blooming? Wowzers!

Ok, let me gather my things and get ready to go to the parade. It is memorial day after all.

And while I comb my hair and put ON MAKE UP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH- I will be rock out to this.


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Anonymous said...

You're feeling better in the nick of time to enjoy this balmy weather and all the summer fun!

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