Tuesday, May 31, 2011

none of this makes much sense

went and got kids the summer clothes. none of it makes sense, the sizes we were buying. since when doesn't the wee Mac wear 5T? The t is for toddler and I guess he's not a toddler anymore. He's four and half so I guess it's time for bigger sizes. Still, it doesn't make sense buying him such big boy clothes.

The store was a trippy experience. I'm back on the zofran because my nausea has risen up and reclaimed me. It takes a long time to process things and do things and make sense of things. Most of the time I just try to let Mr. Hall do things for me because I end up spilling and walking into walls.

It's true.

I have low blood pressure at baseline. Something like 90/60. With pregnancy I'm dipping even lower-82/58. I'm bumping into walls and stuttering. I'm a bit of menace at this point.

Also, there is this round ligament pain I'm having. There are ligaments that are attached from the hip to the womb. They are two inches normally, but grow to 12 as the pregnancy progresses.

Tendons aren't stretchy by nature.

So I have dull aches and sharp snaps of pain. Right by the hip bone. ow ow ow owow ow. Sometimes when I sneeze, sometimes when I get up from sitting. Sometimes when I sitting there. Just sitting there.

And people gather round and pity me. Some have offered to pray for me. I don't want them to though. This is baby Maggie inside me. That's what we've started calling her.

And I have all the love in the world for this little girl. I'll gladly take on all the puking, the tireds and struggles with words. I am her momma and i have all the love in the world for her. :)

peace out all :)

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