Thursday, July 2, 2009

The difference between one and two tattoos

I have two, maybe three tattoos. One is a coverup so I'm not sure if that counts as one or two. The stories behind the tattoos are not worth typing. There is no grand or sweeping anything behind them. Just a kid, figuring stuff out, getting tattoos. I was hard and pretentious, everything had to have deep meaning. I was not a fun person. So if you don't mind, no need to revisit the days of being a hyperintelligent and self punishing hard ass.

Now, these days, I find it amusing, the tattoos. The coverup is a beautiful purple flower. It is a specific and original design intended to disguise the tattoo underneath. But, let me tell you this, if I knew that I would someday be a professional, an upright citizen, and productive member of responsible society, I would have never gotten the tattoo. Go ahead, ask why.

Go ahead, you can ask. You can ask anything really ;)

I have to coordinate all my outfits with it. All my fashion choices revolve around this tattoo. I have a thousand cardigans, a thousand 3/4 sleeve shirts, and a thousand shrugs to cover the tattoo. As far as tops outside of work? Well, my color choices are limited to coordinate with the permanent corsage I wear. Purples, pistachio greens, blacks, turquoise are my palette. Which is great. I look fabulous in all of the above.

My favorite cardigan from my favorite photo post, "Wifey"-go ahead click, Mr. Hall looks quite the hottie in that post :)

I got the cover up in a six hour session. All done in one day. Tattoo shops usually open at like 12 or 1 pm. Inconvenient for the working Mom. I had to put the girl in daycare and book a babysitter for a few hours afterward. Told the babysitter I was getting dental work done. Mr. Hall was overseas on business and I was fed up with my old tattoo. The time had come to take care of it. So that's what I did in one marathon tattoo session. Pancake was 2 years old.

That paragraph up there, that is 100% pure Mom.

Beyond that I don't really have much to say about it. Except this.

I grew out of the body piercing/jewelery part of my life. Mr. Hall removed the last of the jewelry with a pliers in a hotel room. We had been dating for about a month. I felt it was time to let go of that part of myself. So, I got naked and he was very gentle. It's a sweet memory.

But here's the thing. I am not sure I've grown out of tattoos. But there is a difference between one and two tattoos. One purple flower is well, coordinate-able. Two is different. Especially the one I am planning.

The first step is making contact with a tattoo artist. Just like the other tattoos, I will bring an idea and sketches to the tattooist and have them filter it through their imagination. Then, they come up with a sketch. I am usually blown away by the artistry. They are artists I let them take my idea and fly with it. Then, I hold my nose and plunge in.

Another tattoo is calling me people. I need to be careful though. Right now I am all discombobulated emotionally. Also, I am impulsive by nature. But, I say this, nothing would be done until the end of August. Plenty of time to discuss the design with the tattoo artist. Plenty of time to lose the urge.

And then, when the time comes, maybe then I'll answer the call.

Not sure who this dude is but he keeps calling me 'sister'

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Verdant Earl said...

If you can't already tell, I'm a bit pro-tattoo guy. I love the tattoos on that woman with the sleeve that you posted (4th pic in your post). Awesome!

I would totally get another one and I am planning on it. I just haven't had the inspiration like I did for the first one I got. I have an idea, but nothing substantial yet.

And Gia is lovingly adorned with them. 8 in all on her. And she wants more. I say go for it!

Slyde said...

i have been having the itch for a 2nd tattoo for about a year now.

i have a few ideas, but nothing is hitting me over the head yet. I dont want to do it in the summer because its a pain to try to go into the pool with a new tattoo.

maybe in the winter.

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: Hmm interesting perspective. I can say that the sleeve tattoo would be a bit much for me, but . .

i am glad you enjoyed that pic. It was a bit risque but, i do what I can to make the readers happy:)


Mrs. Hall said...


YEAH this is why i am going to have to wait until August, the sun and water business!

It is like an itch. Really, that's exactly it.


good luck to us all :)

James said...

Laundry Fairy has two tattoos, I don't have any. I can't think of a design that I would not get fed up with in a short time.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I don't have a tattoo because that looks so painful.
Is it?????

Mrs. Hall said...


tattoos guns work much like a sewing machine. only instead of threading cloth with thread, skin is threaded with ink.

so no

doesn't hurt at all

just kidding :)


Cam said...

When I'm as skinny as Angelina, I'll cover my tiny little ankh with a big 'ole special something right where she is getting hers.

I believe they call it a tramp stamp. I did not know of this definition back in '97.

Now that my seester is here, we've been discussing what to get, oh what to get... Plus, about an hour and a half from here, in Fernandina Beach, is the guy that tattoos Ozzy. I mean, HELL YEAH!!!
I'll be all, 'yeah, I saw Ozzy at Ozzfest once, I'm so cool.'

Or, maybe not.

The Savage said...

Wasn't that hard to find considering I have a search bar on my blogger page for just such instances....

Now on the subject of if it's one or two, most in the tattoo world will agree that if it is a cover up it is one.... So that means you have two.

Did I mention I used to design flash for a tattoo shop? No? May be a new Savage Fact to come....

I've tried taking shirts in with my sewing machine but then I ended up with new shop rags each time.

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