Saturday, July 18, 2009

Van Halen is ROCKING my world!

What is wrong with you people? Why didn't anyone tell me about Van Halen? Why didn't anyone take the 14 year old me, slap me upside the head and say



Maybe it's better this way.

Hearing their music nowadays, is like hearing it for the first time.

And it's cheering me the hell up.

And rocking my world!

Take a listen, shut down the advert in the beginning to really enjoy the show.


What else can you people tell me about this band, this Van Halen ;)

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the queen said...

Umm - I know Eddie Van Halen was married to Valerie Bertinelli, the cute daughter wearing jumpsuits on "One Day at a Time."

Heff said...

You never got into Van Halen ? What the hell's wrong with you ??

If you REALLY want to hear some quality VH, you need to get "Van Halen 1", Van Halen II, "Fair Warning" and "Women And Children First", because that 1984 album you've posted a picture of is commercialized K.R.A.P. compared to their first 4 albums.

What can I tell you about the BAND ? Well, one time they super-glued all the furniture on the ceiling of a hotel they were staying in. Some people think they MAY have been "partiers".

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah, i read about that recently. appearently Eddie is now climbing his way out of addiction.

good for him.

he's like some sort of guitar genius. crazy man genius.

never did see one day at a time.

Mrs. Hall said...


the problem with me was that I was all 'artistic' and 'prententious'


gaah. so prentenious. they have not held up. well, maybe depeche mode. but i need meatier fare these days.

like i said, VH is here now. giving me much needed nourishment.

Will check out these albums.

and one more thing to defend myself.

I was eight when 1984 came out. much too young to appreciate the god given love that is VH.


Daedak said...

"and one more thing to defend myself.

I was eight when 1984 came out. much too young to appreciate the god given love that is VH."

Oh Gawd! I feel so old!

Verdant Earl said...

I was gonna suggest some albums for you, but Heff already took care of that.

Listen to Side 2 (ahh...albums, okay the last 5 songs) of Van Halen II. "Light Up the Sky" to "Beautiful Girls" is like a little bit of heaven.

Mrs. Hall said...

Daedak: your're in good company, Earl is 52 himself :)

jk jeez earl, simmer down!

and yes, will have to check it out :)

I am really floored really, the more I listen to their music, just how, filling it is. I had dismissed them as some hair band.

gaah! I'm such a know it all :)

Cam said...

I like "Humans Being' from the Twister soundtrack. Not sure if it's 'Van Halen', or if it's just Eddie, but I do love it.

Happy Monday, Mrs!

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