Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finishing my back story and asking Mrs. Hall anything

It's been four days since my last post. Must be some sort of record.

I have a post I'm working on in the background. Several actually. I am still working on the pictures you sent. There is one picture featuring a long and hard fought for kiss, one picture with a little boy in a batman mask, one with a woman wearing cheap shoes on cheaper carpeting. Although I don't believe the actual woman to be cheap. Then, there is a dog porn photo. All being worked on people, but these things take time. If you rush the miracle worker you get lousy miracles.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, xeroxing my boobies. Yeeaaahhh, that story completes pretty much all of my back story. I dare say the bulk of my entire history is already written here. I still have bits and pieces of to tell. But I think I'm done tell you what was and how I came to be me.

Which is good, I honestly get tired of telling my back story. I strive to be original. This is bit difficult given where we are. Introspective writers abound in the bloggerhood.

That is not to say this blog is ending. Oh no, no. I am still living and this blog is helping me document all my wonder. My facebook page helps me document more children centric things. But here, I present all the slices of the Mrs. Hall pie.

That being said, in between the writery posts, I want to put breezier posts out there.


Ya see, I can put out at least two paragraphs on any topic in 15 minutes. Without breaking a sweat. So I am looking for fodder for these short bursts.

So go ahead. Ask me a question.

Consider this an oracle.

Ask anything really, like how many clowns can really fit into those tiny cars? Or, what the weather is like today. Or how do I change a tire? Or, if you want to go to a different level, ask me about the dress I wore on my wedding day, why I call this blog Mrs. Hall or how many children I really want to have.

go ahead ask.

And then look forward to next Monday's post. It'll be called

"The Amish Moms of Las Vegas"

It's damn good writing too!


6 Left a message at the beep:

Verdant Earl said...

Here's a question:

Have I turned you around on Pink Floyd?

Mrs. Hall said...

ooh! That's a good question Earl!

and up goes a post, just you wait.

and again, i must reiterate.


Verdant Earl said...

Holly - create a quiz on a website that doesn't suck ass and I will effing rock it! Until then...not so much.

Bruce Johnson said...

OK, this sounds like I am being flippant here, but since you raised the issue.....paragraph this.

Can Xeroxed body parts really be considered art, why or why not and what are the ramifications? Would van Gogh have used a xerox? Would Picaso have enjoyed a scanner?

Mrs. Hall said...

you no worries about be a spatula . . .

but, yes, sounds like a good idea for a post :)

Cam said...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


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