Friday, July 3, 2009

You're so hot that I melted

Feel much better today. Went to one of those quick nail places-the kind that are in every strip mall. Got my toes, nails and eyebrows done. I didn't realize how much work needed to be done. I mean, my girl kept making frowny faces as asking me "Why you no come once month? Why so long you no come here?"

Cause in those type of places, everyone is Asian and English is a second language. And everyone is seemingly related. They seem to be family run places complete with thier kids running around.

Which was a bit of an issue, the kids. Two of them had these action figures (spider man and wolverine) they were talking into. Which was interesting. I thought they were pretending that they were talking to the action figures.

Then I realized that they were walkie-talkies. Cool. But, the kids must have been doing something wrong cause my girl began to holler at them. From across the store.

Then, she turned to me. And with a tounge blade dipped in hot hot wax, she proceeded to rip the hell out of my eyebrows. She gave a smug, self satisfied look when she was done. Bit of an attitude that one.

They look fabolous by the way. And my TOOESSS. All cute and nicely done. Fills me with all sorts of yummy and happy. They even have a tiny flower design :)

All because Mr. Hall is here. Loving me and giving me all sorts of freedom.

It's healing having him here.

Can't wait for when it is real.


let's hope this one doesn't have commericals. But, i can say it's much better than yesterday.

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Cam said...

That song just makes me freakin' happy, Mrs...

Glad to have heard it today!
Enjoy your weekend!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

What? No pics? Oh man.

Hey you think it is hot over there come to Texas where the women are walking around almost nude, tires are melting off cars, and people are frying eggs on the roads just for fun.

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: Yeah, I had underestimated Jason Mraz. I mean, really, quite the talent there. :)

Blue: that title of my post is the second line in the song. And no, now pix it's all i can do to whip up a post while the kids are zoning out in front of spongebob. I mean, pictures means taking pictures, loading them and then blah blah, too much effort :)

But jeez! Texas sounds ridicolous. I mean, when it is hot here at least it is tolerable. Enough to go outside and such.

well, take care and don't forget sunscreen :)

Slyde said...

ive really been digging some of mraz's stuff lately... i think its time to add him to my ipod..

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: Happy Forth Slyde (and everyone else)

yeah, Mraz seems kind of sneaky, like a more indie/younger version of Dave Mathews but it looks like he has his own special brand of awesome.


Big Pissy said...

I've had the Mraz cd with this song on it for a while now.

I highly recommend it. :)

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