Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love me some Zombies

Tomorrow, I will have the day off.

Last time I had the day off, I watched SIX HOURS of america's next top model.

My brain hasn't been working right since.

So! I plan on doing some repair work by watching Shaun of the Dead.


Here is a clip that I hold dear to my heart. Note the faint SKA music in the background. Note the seething rage the blond has for the situation, in that very girl gritting of the teeth, passive aggressive kind of way.


The best part of Shaun of the Dead?

Why, it's the part where our hero goes into the quik-e-mart, gets a soda out of the cooler, turns around slipping on some blood--almost falling on his ass, and then flips some change at the cashier. The Zombie Cashier.

And he has no idea about any of it.

(alas no clip on youtube for that!)

The part where he slips though, good lord, that is the best. Belly laughs people, BELLY LAUGHS AWAIT ME!!


What is you favorite part of Shaun of the Dead?

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Verdant Earl said...

I love the Reservoir Dogs style standoff near the end when Shaun's mum turns into a zombie.

"We're not using the zed word!!!"


Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: So funny, o I just can't wait to watch this, o so funny.

perhaps you can suggest another funny zombie film? perhaps I can promise myself one zombie film per day off?


funny stuff man, funny stuff!

the queen said...

I only saw half an hour of Zombie Strippers on Spike tonight, but there is a scene in which an Hispanic man says "BADGES? BADGES? .. badges sound like a pretty good idea, really." However, they blur out Zombie bush and boobs, and this put Gary in such disgust we only saw the half hour.

Mrs. Hall said...


and the mrs. hall, she is so thankful.

seriously people, the queen's blog is fucking funny and thoughtful and twentytimes more better written than mine.

ya'll have to go, right now!!

AND DANG!! Will have to rent the zombie strippers!! Hee hee

o so glad you visted queen, hope you found the rose petals I layed down pleasing to the feet.

ok, that last sentence was a bit much. meh.

James said...

The zombie in the garden they are trying to fight off by throwing records at...also when he rescues his ex and they storm out of the block of flats and Shaun is laying about him with the cricket bat...don't know why just like those bits

Elise said...

I love the "Don't stop me now" tune playing in the pub while they beat the zombies with snooker cues in time with the music.

And the part when they first see the zombie "Mary" in the garden. "Oh my God... She's drunk!"

The whole movie is fantastic xx

Mrs. Hall said...

James: Those bits are very very awesome, especially since they triage the records, only throwing the junk!

Elise (welcome btw-i hope you have enjoyed your stay at la blog de senora hall) O GOD so funny that scene with the beating of the pool cues to the queen song! so funny

o lord, that movie is just awesome!


Big Pissy said...

I love this movie SO much that I can't pick out just one part.

It's awesomeness is just that tremendous.

Well...zombies in general are just that awesome. :)

Mrs. Hall said...

Pissy: yes, zombies in general are just that awesome!!

Slyde said...

the movie is outstanding... i think my favorite part is when shawn runs into his doppleganger group on the streets, and they stare at each other and go their seperate ways...

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: Yeah, that is awesome when they pass each other, all doppleganger. Freaky and wonderful that scene :)

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