Friday, April 10, 2009

I've been smighted, on Good Friday no less

Today, I woke up with a Ford F150 parked on top of me. The tires were all hot from street racing and smushing my arms and legs down, the undercarriage all was hot, searing my belly.

Stupid truck.

I've been smighted, with a fever of 102.0, on Good Friday no less.

Makes sense, my kids were sick, now it is my turn.

Somehow, I have to get dressed and drive my son 2 hours away, sleep at the house I own, then drive even further to the annual farm fun that is Easter.

But, I have about six hours to make it to the car. It will take this long, trust me.

And I should have abs of steel at this point on account of all the coughing I am doing.

So I got that going for me.

Pray for me.

Take care everyone. And have a Good Easter :)

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Unknown said...

UGH! I do hope you feel better soon. Nothing is worse than being sick on a holiday weekend... unless of course you want to get out of an obligation.. then you have the perfect excuse

Mrs. Hall said...


i did think about not going to the farm. but then I would have to stay here.

ideal weekend would be hotel.

but at least I get to see my husband and get some loves it's all good :)

have a good easter!

Dr Zibbs said...

One of my favorite clips of all time.

Mrs. Hall said...

Dr. Zibbs: Welcome to la blog de Senora Hall :)

I do quite enjoy your blog :)

Cam said...


I just ordered a Bill Murray movie, 'Where the Buffalo Roam'. Have you seen this? Priceless...

Hope you feel all better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy Easter to you, Mrs H. And get well soon.

GeologyJoe said...

at least you got your hair and nails done two days prior. :)

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