Friday, January 23, 2009

Five thanks for Friday

1. I am learning how to take a vacation from myself and my ingrained patterns of overthinking to the point of inaction. As a result, I am kicking some serious ass.

2. The love that grows between me and my husband. How easy and free it all is. How explosive the growth continues to be.

3. Heated leather seats in my car.

4. How my son's feet feel all fleshy as I knead them. "His feet are like play dough", says my daughter.

5. Having people comment on this blog, having encouragement sent from cyberspace and a place to pony up my progress.

Take care everyone!

Have a good weekend.

(BTW-There is a block on blogger from my home computer-so, if you comment know I receive it
and read it :) but can't respond until tuesday :) :) :)

7 Left a message at the beep:

Slyde said...

thats funny...i always marvel at how soft my sons feet are too.. its like he's never walked on them yet..

GeologyJoe said...

my sons feet are soft and frequently clammy.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

We all need vacations from reality. Thanks for posting.

Big Pissy said...

awwww...fleshy baby feet! :)

Mrs. Hall said...

Hey ya'll!

Slyde: yeah I hear ya. I mean, when do feet become tough anyway?

Geo-Joe: It is amazing how cold the little feet can get. Just so chilly, like little icecubes.

Ole Blue: HEY THERE! Thanks for commenting.

Pissy: yes, little baby feet.


Bruce Johnson said...

So is this what the picture of the car interior was referencing....heated car seats......

(we never use them down here in Arizona)

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce: not quite. The car is coming up thought.

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