Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Perez Family and Swishing of the Hips

Yet another repost. Because I have much to say, but the real life of Mrs. Hall, it is getting in the way. So you get this. Which is fantastic btw.

Sometimes I hear a beauty so loud, it's deafening.

And so, let's take a look. Feast the eyes on one Miss Marisa Tomei.

She is gorgeous no? But it is not her per say, it is her in the movie The Perez Family.

I am a harsh critic of film. I usually prefer foreign or independant. Even though I have seen hundreds, there is only three on my top ten list. The number one film is The Perez Family.

Oddly enough, it is neither foreign nor independent. It just looks that way. It is a story of one Juan Perez, played by Alfred Molina. That man is in two of my top ten favorite films. He is what women like me demand of men. Made of black earth. He carries himself with a calm and undeniable machismo. I am drawn to such things.

In this movie, Alfred Molina plays Juan Perez. Juan Perez was born in Cuba. He marries Angelica Huston and creates a family. Then, Juan Perez becomes a political prisoner. His family flees for Miami. He spends the next twenty years in a hellish prison. There is all manner of physical torture and sensory deprivation. It's ugly. And depraved.

During those twenty years, Carmela Perez (his wife) exiles to Miami and build herself a life all while aching for her husband. Her son and daughter grow up. She lives in a big house. She begins to take scuba diving lessons. Their son, also exiled to Miami, grows up protects his mom with elaborate alarm systems. She has no idea what is coming.

Again, twenty years pass. While in prison, the dreams of Carmela keep him alive. Then, he is freed unexpectedly. He is shepherded towards a group of refugees bound for Miami in a boat. He will go and find Carmela, she will be waiting for him, he says. On the boat is Dorita Perez (Dori for short), played by Marisa Tomei. She is free and sensual. Vibrating with fantastical plans for her America. When they arrive at the shore of Miami she jumps off the boat and plunges herself into the water. She sops up the water with her red dress.

Anyway, the refugees all pile into a large football stadium. They are put on a waiting list to become sponsored. Sponsored means out of the stadium and into America. However, if you a single Perez, a Perez without a family, you are number 300 on the waiting list. If you are family of Perez's, you are number 5. So, Dori begins to assemble her family. Choosing the stunned and zombie like-you guessed it-Juan Perez.

He follows her with this plan. He is shell shocked, dirty and barely coherent. She is a passionate beacon. However, he still aches for his wife and when he dreams, he dreams of only her. Here, take a look at the red dress and the video of her snatching his attention.

Meanwhile, back la house de Carmela, she has triggered that alarm system by breaking a glass she is drinking from. The alarm system triggers the police. A police officer arrives, also carrying much calm machismo. There is some very subtle and intense flirting. She is smitten, as is he.

Meanwhile, The faux Perez Family, which includes Dori, Juan and a crazy old guy, finally reach the top of the list. Two monks become their sponsor. The family lives at the church. To earn their room and board, they sell flowers on the highway. There is much swishing of her hips and tight clothing displaying her lovely bosoms. Dori and Juan live as man and wife. Emotions begin to form.

And here I must pause and get a little personal. There is such an active sensuality in Dori's character. I find it overwhelming at times. I remember being so free, so uninhibited with my body, my love. And then it all went to shit. And then I was married to this man, this glorious man, Mr. Hall. And I fought to reconnect with all that I had, to give it to him. It is a fight I am winning. But I still have to fight. And I can't help but cry over this. I love him so much. I want it to be easy. So I watch this film and it helps. A lot. U{DATE: some one year +later, it's easy as pie now ;)

OK-back to the movie.

Somewhere in the film, they acquire a Perez child. A pre-teen really. Dori absorbs herself into this role of Mom. She exudes pure love for this kid. He is a bad seed and takes her money. He is killed by bad, gang type people. She is broken into a thousand pieces. And this is where the movie becomes almost unbearable. Not because of the pre-teens death, but because of Juan and Dori.

At this point, what they feel for each other is undeniable. They are flirting with the roles of man and wife. Juan begins to come around. Starts talking in sentences, starts to bathe and become awake. Her sensuality is healing him. She thrives in this and lays down real emotions. They are now beloved.

How do I describe the scene where they first make love? How do I say that Dori was crying because she lost her faux son. She was crying because she had such faith in the goodness of the kid, but he was really a snake. All her big plans of this big, fantastical life in American is crashing down all around her. Juan gently kisses her belly. He blows flower petals off her body. And she quietly sobs and let's his love heal her. It almost destroys me, this scene.

Then comes the plot twist everyone saw coming. Carmela and Juan are reunited. It is sort of awkward but true to what it is. A love held in the heart but not in the hand.

And Dori fades away. Back to selling flowers on the highway. Until one day she has a vision of Juan, across the highway. She squints to block the sun from her eyes. She raises her arm to cover her face.

Is it true? He has come for Dori? Has returned to stay?

Ya'll have to watch the movie tonight to find out. I know I will.

Pretty amazing, but I haven't watched this movie in over a year. And I still can feel what it makes me feel, and remember all this detail.

Thanks for reading such a post.

Good night!


Mrs. Hall

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Mrs. Hall said...

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Slyde said...

i have always had a think for mr tomei. i just saw her in the wrestler.. hubba hubba!

Bruce Johnson said...

You recommended this so highly the first time, that I actually went out and bought a copy of it on LaserDisc......although, I haven't had time to watch it yet.

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