Friday, December 4, 2009


This is a repost my good people, and what a repost it is ;)

Jeff said, I'm going to the store to get electrical supplies. Wanna come?

Of course I did . . . .

I watched him look at shelves of wiring type

stuff for 45 minutes. Then I started taking pictures

with his cell phone.

These pictures represent another 45 minutes.

Doesn't his jacket look good?

My husband is really a hottie. He is better looking
then me, really he is.

I have good taste in men and leather jackets!

For all you long term readers, LOOK! The brown jacket!

This is my favorite 3/4 sleeve cardigan.

I have a thousand of them. They cover the tattoo very well.

Plus the red compliments me.

I do look a bit tired here.

Again, watching my husband for 4 hours at the hardware store.

Truth is, I loved every minute of it.
The next day, after I got home for work, he had rewired the basement so I could plug in a microwave and a space heater for when I do my yoga.

I love being a wife. :)

7 Left a message at the beep:

Rebecka said...

Mr. Hall is indeed a hottie!

Next time please include a clear view from the rear... preferably while he is bending over looking at something. This is strictly for research purposes, of course.

Mrs. Hall said...

Hey now!

Will consider this request, for research purposes only of course! :)

Bruce Johnson said...

Just a guy....doing guy is in our DNA.

mo.stoneskin said...

From the looks of things you are married to a real man. Hell, with that ruffled hair, leather jacket and love of hardware stores he puts us ALL to shame.

Mrs. Hall said...

Hello Mo.Stoneskin! Welcome to La Blog De Senora Hall, I've hope you've enjoyed your stay. Please stop by again :)

And yes, he is all man that man of mine :)

James said...

Stop posting this or Laundry Fairy will make me go build something again....

Mrs. Hall said...

Bruce: :)

James: You can build her a box where she can put all her worries and cares in. Then she close the box and go about her day ;)

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