Monday, August 27, 2012

Eric Northman vs. Alcide: two enter, only one can survive

Alcide is up there. He is a werewolf on the show true blood. I wonder and stare at those muscles when he appears. Especially the muscles right above his jeans, where love handles usually are. I wonder what it would take for Mr. Hall to puff out like that. I wonder about Alcide's manly abilities. Beyond lifting heavy things and putting them down.

I wonder why this appeals to me, the Alcide muscles. I mean, I've never been much of a beefcake type of girl. So why does Alcide make me wonder and stare? I don't think Mr. Hall could puff out like he does. Alcide, well the guy who plays him, is probably 6 foot 4 and has been working out since junior high school. Mr. Hall is five foot ten and has a body style more of the Eric Northman type.

Northman is up there. He does not have the bulging muscles that make me wonder about his prowess. I don't need to wonder because I can already tell. No need to be all puffed out about it. It's subtle and strong. That is what Northman has-nuance. And better acting skills. And better story lines.

And the ability to wear the hell out of a pastel blue sweater. Most of last season no less.

Normally, I don't think these thoughts but being 8 months pregnant my brain isn't working in the usual way. It's a weird, wonkey world all up in my head and I'm becoming a lot simplier. I'm too tired to think deep thoughts. :)

So yeah, bring on the pretty men. They please me. Especially the Northman. :)

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Slyde said...

I think Eric would finish off poor alcide pretty quickly. Eric is (especially after the events of the last few episodes) probably the strongest vampire left in the world.

All alcide can do is urinate at a fire hydrant...

Mrs. Hall said...

peeing on a fire hydrant! hah!!

so true, so true!!

Verdant Earl said...

Alexander SkarsgÄrd is a pretty big dude himself. 6'4" also. And pretty menacing in films like the remake (crappy) of Straw Dogs. He did, however, play Meekus. One of Ben Stiller's model buddies in Zoolander. So he's got that going for him.

Mrs. Hall said...

that's right, the actor is tall! but, lest we forget, he starred in battle ships. battle ship?

oh who cares.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, have always been a shoulders kind of gal.

Heff said...


"Protein Shakes, Northman"..

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