Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Involuntary noises

The item above is the breathylzer at work. If people show up drunk at my office WHICH THEY TOTALLY DO I have to have them blow into it. I pray it's under the legal limit. Sometimes though, I get lucky and they show up drunk-with a sober driver- in which case I THANK THEM FOR THINKING AHEAD. Because if you show up drunk, without a driver, blow above the legal limit-- I have to call the police.

And I give the stink eye. I don't like calling the police. I try not to sound off a grumpy noise but it happens.


When driving with my husband, he makes little noises. I fully admit I am not the best of drivers. Six speeding tickets and a few accidents (most due to innattentive driving) proves this. I've gotten much better and having been pulled over in years though.

But, I am not the best driver and this irks Mr. Hall. He does his best not to say anything but the noises, they let me know. He becomes especially squeaky when we are in parking lots. It seems parking lot driving IS A BIG HONKING DEAL for most men. The noises, they become a bit more pronounced during these times of woe.

One time, I did a full on u-turn in a residential neighborhood and Mr. Hall let out a large GAAAH. He doesn't believe in such tomfoolery. Unsafe he says. Which is fine, if we are going to drive long distances or in parking lots I let him drive.

At that point where I become his driving coach. To which he replies, "So-being on that side of the car makes you a better driver?"

touche' Mr. Hall, touche!


Sometimes I can't shut up when I am trying to sleep at night. It's not that I can't stop talking, it's that my brain won't shut up. It's useless draining energy. But sometimes I get so verbal with my thoughts I start saying words. Random words pop out of my mouth like green, pepper, or basketball. At this point I've woken Mr. Hall up because HE NEVER HAS ANY TROUBLE SLEEPING AND COULD FALL ASLEEP AGAINST A STUPID WALL. Yeah, I'm jealous. What of it!?


I notice this with my son who is a busy thinker. It all has to do with ADD. Which I have and I am pretty sure my son has. The ADD brain is a busy fricking one. Even when doing nothing, like eating his p b and j sammich, I see his head bobbing, legs and feet wagging. He will wiggle his butt right off the chair cause he's thinking so hard. Meanwhile he's sort of humming and making these weird noises. Totally absorbed in his thoughts and his peanut butter.


I ask him, "Sweetie, what are you thinking about?"

and he says,


And smiles his big smile and all is right with the world :)

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Candy's daily Dandy said...

I wish I could shut my brain off at times...

Bruce Johnson said...

Your kid, he is thinking of can tell, possibly how to put the final touches on a hand held death ray / video game.

Check out the new blog at:

Unknown said...

I also have a horrible time going to sleep at night due to a busy mind. I think most health care providers are too busy running scenarios, worrying about unfinished business, etc. I also talk to myself when I drive. It looks like I'm a psycho but it helps me to decompress.

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