Sunday, May 9, 2010

Five sentence book reviews

Doing some cleaning, under the bed. I found a number of books I've read in the past few months. I tend to read at night (hence the pile under the bed). I'm not a picky reader and will read anything I can buy for under five dollars. I like to read. A lot.

So, without further ado, here is a five sentence review of my latest reading adventures.

Thousands and thousands of years to produce the intricate traditions of the Geisha. Mineko Iwasaki started her training at age three, by choice. Endless hours of practice, endless discipline to become a living work of art who entertained kings and queens. A breathtaking life soaked in cherry blossoms.

This man is from England. He had an active imagination and use to make up plays with his childhood chums. Then he started stripping as a young gay man, gay porn soon followed. It was an airy, fun and fast read. I've forgotten it already.

I've always been a huge fan of This American Life on PBR. David Sedaris is regular contributor. His stories are a riot. This is his latest book. It is a lot of him, in Japan. All while telling stories that are funny as hell.

This book contains lots and lots of stories based on his family. One of the family members objected, stating, "Don't tell my story, it's MINE!!" To which he replied, "But you're not doing anything with it!" Writers tend to be a ruthless bunch, we forget that everything is not a story. And the people around us are not just characters going through their own arcs.

Or maybe that's just my problem as a writer. Either way, this is the book that made him famous. It's the weakest of the entry. Lots of stories about Paris though. Still funny as hell. Anything Sedaris is a win!

My baby sister in law gave me this one. It sat in the back of my car for two months. Then I started reading it. It's like 500 pages of pure awesome fun. Fun like being a teenage girl again, when you lived or died if a certain boy would look your way that day.

Ryan Loomis never did look at me. HIS LOSS!!!

And now I'm stupid effin hooked. Because these books are serving a vital purpose. The more obsessed I get with them, the less obsessed I am with the sadness after I lost the baby. And it's speeding up my healing in a big way. So there's that. :)

I got this in the dollar bin for shits and giggles. Did you realize that this is porn for women? GREAT GOOGELY MOOGELY!!! I'll be picking up more of these because nothing is funner than reading them out loud in bed. And that's pretty much it for this review. May your nights be filled bodice ripping and manhood throbbing fun!

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Mrs. Hall said...

Ryan Loomis was his real name by the way. NEVER ONCE! looked at me during music class!!


Heff said...

That's NOT what you'd find under MY bed, lol !

white rabbit said...

Blue Blake is from England?

Never heard of him...

Mrs. Hall said...

Heff: we also have a tool box underthere. with no tools ;)

White Rabbit: WELL! you must not watch a lot of gay porn. And really, why aren't you??!!

Brown said...

I LOVE books! Love them to pieces! Sedaris is definitely a hoot. I've heard plenty of his radio contributions but haven't read him yet.

You know, if I'd known that all you had to do to get people to leave comments is talk about gay porn.....

Mrs. Hall said...


You and I should set up a book exchange!!

I'll send you random good stuff I read and you send me random good stuff you read!!

my email is in my profile if you wanna!!


Bruce Johnson said...

This was all sort of hooo hummmm, until I got to Scoundrals damn.....girl porn.....all bulging bodices and shirtless hunks.

(would Jane Ehre be writting this stuff if she were still alive?)

Mrs. Hall said...

jeez. i don't know. never read jane ehre. at least I don't think.


there ya go.

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