Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Word Association: Warm (repost)

This was written about 10 months ago. I am now in the throws of moving into my own house. I do believe it is time to revisit this post. ;)

I sleep down below, in the basement. An electric blanket sits underneath the fitted sheet. This helps some. Sadly, it has a six hour shut off. When I wake, my muscles are all sore from the slight shivers. This all changes when Mr. Hall is here.

Sharing a bed was once cumbersome. I like to spread out. All the physical contact made me twitchy. I use to push the twitchy down deep, trying to make it disapear. Instead of vanishing, it made me bitey. While I slept, my body shoved. Jeff would wake up on the last sliver of the bed.

Then we had a baby, then another. My body began to open, to sink in. When he offered massages, I accepted. I became nonverbal with the melty it made me feel. I became a snuggler, a seeker of the spoon.

When he is here, the bed is softer. I feel his deep breathing while he slumbers. I feel his chest on my back. His arms are heavy, looping my waist. His legs crush me as they intertwine. All of this makes me warm. All of this heals my sore, my missing him. He makes the bed home.


Word associated: Warm
Suggested by: James from England, his blog "Them's Private Thoughts"
Leave a word to be associated with- in the comments. Go on now, you can do it :)

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Anonymous said...


*or maybe*


James said...

er.....great post but my word was "elevate".

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: Transformative it is!

James: D'OH!

There was noone who suggested warm.

For the love of God, I am all sorts of out of sorts.

well, I reserve the right not make sense at times.

Well James, yours will be next!


Slyde said...

i agree with cam... very powerful indeed.

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: thank you. But, um, you didn't leave a word!!


The Savage said...

Love the new pic.... You're not only cuddly but beautiful too.

Mrs. Hall said...

I was about to say what new pic, but that is my old one from when i originally post this.

yeah. i know.

you didn't leave a word though!

The Savage said...

Okay fine... a word. Cannibalism....

Mrs. Hall said...

excellent... egggssscellent....

~E said...

AWWW... I've always been a cuddler. In fact, when Im in bed alone (as I always am nowadays...not bitter. Just saying) I love to group all my pillows around me in a cocoon. It makes me feel safe.

And when I really feel lonely, I go bug my baby brother and give him a big cuddle until he shoves me away.

Of course my baby brother is almost 16 and is a foot taller than me...but who cares!

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