Friday, April 29, 2011

Driving on

i was at subway the other day, getting irritated by a women's leopard print purse. it wasn't the fact that it was tacky and in poor taste, or the fact that it was fake leather, it was just really, really busy. all black and white and busy.

then it hit me.

the reason I was getting all pissy at her purse was morning sickness. there had been whispers of the nausea for a few days. But, I passed it off to eating pop tarts. Same with the boobin soreness.

but this purse, it was making me nauseous. Same thing when Mr. Hall swirled the kids' oatmeal in the morning. Then it was a purple sweater. And it was cute, these last few days. The little morning sickness whispers. It made me weepy a little. Because the baby is speaking to me.

Well, this morning she is roaring. I all but threw up in the parking lot at work today. Gah. Thankfully no coworkers were present.

I can say this. I've had morning sickness with each pregnancy and I am an old pro by now. I plan on sipping and eating bits of food and driving on. No trips to the ER to get IV fluid. I can do this, just like when I pregnant with Mac. I couldn't let his sister run around while I threw up, so I put her in the dry tub and locked the bathroom door.

Or I held her on my lap while I got the deed done.

This one time she felt pity for me. She rubbed my back and said, "oh Mommy, it'll be ok."

And indeed it will! The deafening dual siren of pukiness and exhaustion is my baby inside. Speaking to me.

Bring it on!!

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Bruce Johnson said...

You want to be pissed off? The wife and I were standing in line at Safeway last night, after coming back from buying a baby grand piano for my wife (what a husband I am, I am). There in front of us at the checkout is a 6 foot tall hooker, in short / short hot pants, nylons, 4 inche heals, long Veronica Lake blonde hair, huge fake breasts and dark sunglasses. Our mouths just dropped seeing her.....but upon closer turned out that 'she' was actually a guy in drag!

It was an unbeleivable experience, and we weren't even pregnant.

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