Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eight things about me

Thanks everyone for the booze suggestions!!! Will sample and report back!

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People have a 100 things about me list in their blogs. I got no gumption to accomplish that kind of list. So instead. Here's eight.

1. I named my blog Mrs. Hall because I wanted there to be no doubt of who I am.

2. Because of my ADD, I can appear quite daffy and disorganized. People think I am not so smart. But that's not true. So, I use to do things to prove I was smart, like using big words all the time or becoming a fan of R.E.M even though I didn't like them. But I don't have to do that anymore, because I'm ok with all of me and who I am.

3. I like to talk in a french accent when I'm all happy and goofy. I like to use a Pakistani/Indian accent when telling my kids to do something. That was until I did this at a grocery store and then noticed a small, sarong wearing Indian woman standing next to me in line. Now I reserve that kind of behavior for home. Well, the french accent comes out whenever. That's the funner accent though.

4. I need to increase my tolerance for my holler monkees. Their noise and constant motion is getting to me lately. I need to chillax. breathe . . . breathe . . . .

5. Part of the problem with being really smart and analytical is that when I do get drunk, I am analyzing my drunk state. I note how I feel and different bodily sensations in relation to how much or what kind of alcohol I have ingested. BUT. I've noticed that if I drink more I can stop this foolishness and enjoy being lubricated. WEE HEE!!

6. My husband is my everything.

7. I have a plan if he dies. I would take three months of hard core mourning. Wailing, howling, wearing black-- the whole nine yards. Then I would start dating, spending a month trying out different men. Then six months of dating someone awesome. Awesome to me, awesome to the kids, awesome all around. And within a year I would be remarried.

8. I've very proud of the fact that my mom and I still have crazy issues but because we love my kids/her grand kids so much, we are willing to work on it. And now we can even spend the day together not fighting. This I did not think was possible. Yet, there it is. :)

4 Left a message at the beep:

Mrs. Hall said...

I apologize to all the R.E.M fans out there but jebus. There is not bridge, no harmony, recognizable tunage to thier music. Except the hits of course.

But for the most part it's just unorganized experimental crap. I need a chorus to sing to people!

just sayin!

GiGi said...

I have craZZy issues with nearly every member of my family, but since we all have kids (and because I never got to know my cousins at all), I am pretty good at doing more listening than talking. This has taken much practice!

Slyde said...

9) you are obsessed with getting me into bed. admit it.

Mrs. Hall said...

GiGi: yeah, it is totally an adjustment. patience is key. which kind of sucks because that means that maybe I am part of the problem! D'OH!

Slyde: oh now!

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