Monday, October 6, 2008

Potter's Ground: Round One

Potter's Ground: Round One

Time again has come for Potter's Ground.
This month's theme is America and the Democratic Process:

To goal is to guess the musical reference. The first person who guesses correctly gets ten points. If you aren't that person, you can still gather points (up to five) by telling me about a personal connection to the music.

For a complete description of the game click here.

Let's begin with a continuation of Johnny Cash shall we?


Name all the animals in this song and tell me your favorite:

5 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

How is De La Soul a continuation of Johnny Cash?


Anyway, I heard a crocodile, a squirrel, a fish and a monkey. If you include humans then we have 'Dove, PA Mase and Plug One all mentioned (the three members of De La Soul) and the Preacher Man (who is probably PA Mase, so that would be double counting).

Did I miss anything?

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: The name of this album is 3 feet high and rising. And the song 5 feet high and rising is sampled on the De La Soul Album.

There is the connection! :)

It appears you have the first 10 points, Mr. Earl.

I have to double check first.


Mrs. Hall said...

Ok Earl-you do have the first 10.

Any chance you would know how to upload audio clips (like mp3's) into these posts?

Otherwise, good listening.

Although, you didn't tell us what animal is your favorite?


Mrs. Hall

Bruce said...

I am going to have to sit this one out. I can't see the media link, because the bastards at our ITD department block various sights such as YouTube and Photo Bucket....

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, we are going to have to get around this no?


Mrs. Hall

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