Friday, October 10, 2008

Job update!

Remember this post (click here)

Well, on the way home, they called and offered me the job.

And yes, oh yes, I said yes.

NOW, my task this weekend:

Driving The Tribe Called Hall four hours away, looking at apartments, day cares and schools. We are moving for my new job within the month. This weekend is all about getting the lay of the land before we move.

And we will be staying with my parents.

Lord help us all.

Have a good weekend.

What are ya'll up to this weekend?

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Anonymous said...


I have been wondering when the good news would come! I knew you had it in the bag!!!

Ooohhh, moving and packing. I love moving and packing. If we were real-world acquaintances, I would be pre-printing labels for you right now... I love to organize!

I just logged back on to check some things and thought I'd stop by to see if you'd written anything, how lucky!!!

Tomorrow is the small town festival, so we will be out and about all day. I'll have some pictures about it later. Sad fact: our town celebrates that the Jesse James gang robbed our bank. Only, it's been proven that Jesse wasn't here with them. We still re-enact the robbery with ole' Jesse leading the way every year just the same.
Wish me luck. You'd need a passport to come here, I swear. (from Sweet Home Alabama, the movie)

Mrs. Hall said...

Hello Mrs. Gypsy Girl:

We are going to do the move in two parts.

We have a big house to sell and lots of stuff to get rid of.

Mr. Hall use to be a pack rat.

But, if you want to come over feel free.

I live sort of close. If you poke around the blog long enough you can figure out the state.

Or just email at

Well maybe some day



(hee hee, using my new name is neato!)

Unknown said...

congrats and good luck. exciting.

today we're takin' LilGuns over to a local fram for tours, music, food and to look at our turkey for November. He won't remember any of it, but it will be good for us to get out.

Mrs. Hall said...


You are already talking like a real parent with your 'it would be good for us to get out'!

Deep breath!

We are going to do the same thing tomorrow, going to a farm, picking pumpkins and going on hayrides.

There are many places that specialize in 'agri-tainment'.

It is an annual event for the family Hall.


Have fun!


Big Pissy said...

Congrats! Great news! :)

This weekend I'm going to a birthday party for a three year old girl where all the guests are to wear their Halloween costumes.

I am going as myself.

Neil said...


Bruce Johnson said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!, you obviously did well enough to impress 40 people......that has to be a bit of an ego boost.

Mrs. Hall said...

Big Pissy: Have fun at the b-day partee. :)

Neil: Welcome! And thank you!

Bruce: I am not sure I can take all the credit for getting the job. I have the ability to prescribe medications now, that is what they are interested in.

I dunno. Maybe I am just being hard on myself.

But, I believe they scheduled my interview with a monthly employee meeting. I think they did that so everyone could 'meet me' at once.

Which is fine.

At that point, it was my 700th interview. I had a sort of indignant and urgent energy going. I have mad skills. I am a damn good nurse. And even though I am a starter Psych-NP, I will thrive wherever I set down roots.

They are lucky to have me.

ok ok,


Thanks Bruce!



Bonez said...

Congratulations, Holly! Woo Hoo... new name, new job, new digs... what's next, Babe?!? Let me know if there's anything I or the Bonez Crew can do to help out.

Slyde said...

that is awesome! Huge congrats to you!

Mrs. Hall said...

Tony and Slyde:

Thanks thanks.



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