Monday, October 13, 2008

Artist of high quality: NotKeith

Illustration by NotKeith (c) 2008

In my meanderings around the bloggerhood, I noticed Not Keith's blog. Being one that enjoys art, I followed it for a while.

It keeps getting better and better.

Click on the sentence above for his personal site.

And now, he is done a drawing for me. That is what you see above this text. Click to make it bigger. Go ahead, I'll wait.

He drew it in response to this post I wrote.

And at the end of this exchange I am truly humbled to be part of a process much greater than NotKeith or Mrs. Hall. There is an exchange of artistic energies that happens each day, when bloggers spur each other on. I will be forever thankful for this gift.

Thank you NotKeith, a thousand thank yous.

5 Left a message at the beep:

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That is really cool.

Mrs. Hall said...

Hello Mr. Ole Blue the Heretic:

Welcome to la casa de Hall. I hope your enjoyed your stay.

But perhaps you could clarify what you thought was cool?

Was it the drawing, the post on the other blog, both?

Either way, I hope you found the service satisfactory.

Come again soon,

Mrs. Hall

Slyde said...

very cool stuff.. one of these days i need to get into my moms attic and pull out some of my old prints...

i posted on my site a while back.. it may have been before we became an item...

Mrs. Hall said...

You and your Mom were an item?

(rim shot)

(sorry, I've had a glass ofwine tonite, couldn't resist :)



Unknown said...

Great drawing. what is the medium? it looks like charcoals.

I agree that the mashing of bloggers et al. provides a lot of spuring of each others creative and other talents.

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