Sunday, October 26, 2008

White people with dreadlocks

When I started posting videos like this, I know it is time to go back to yoga. I went and had a couple of epipha-trees.

Wherever I am, geographically, work wise, what have you, I bristle. I actively engage in rebellion. Of course, being a productive and stand up citizen, it is subversive rebellion. Subterfuge sabotage.

For instance, at work, when I am handed tasks that I don't want to do, or I disagree with, I don't do them. I never say this out loud or complain about it. This is an advantage I have being a nurse. There is a LARGE shortage of nurses out there people. They need all the help they can get.
Sometimes, I work with nurses that are of questionable quality. This does not apply to me. I am a fantastic nurse.

I do what is important and do it really well. I spend my energy wisely like that. After, I play dumb about the stuff I don't want to do. And because they need me, and because both the nurses and the nurses in management are overloaded, I get away with it.

Mhwah haa haa! (That's an evil genius laugh right there)

Rage against the machine, old school style

Also, I never, ever raise a fuss. I don't bring emotional drama, rage against the machine energy, or active substance abuse issues to the office. (This is what I mean by questionable quality). Overall, I am a very, very low maintenance worker. My former employers love me. My former coworkers love me. LOVE ME.

Even if I never learned how to do those TPS reports.

This subterfuge sabotage happens outside the work. I live in a very liberal town right now. There is a large percentage of white people with dreadlocks.

Ok, let me say that again....

and please click on the word for visual proof...


Thus, I subtlely poke fun of the hippies.This is very very easy. Their inherent rage against the machine is always churning, always ripe for the picking. Very easy to get someone all riled up. Just compliment Sarah Palin.

And why can't people just lighten the fuck up about politics and religion? Ya know, we all have a choice here.


In the core of me, deep down, is a glowing orb of happy and positive. I see the absurdity of it all. And really, I know what can and cannot be done. The universe is filled with ugly and good. I do good, very good. However, there will be no conquering all the evil. And no, this does not make me mad or make me want to rage against the machine. It is what it is. The truth.That truth was another epipha-tree during yoga.

My glowing orb of happy makes me smile and make jokes. People seem to like me. If I let them. Positive confidence, friendliness and charity--this attracts people. People are attracted to me.

Yet, there is this subversiveness. This urchin quality to me. I don't accept the invitations from others, usually. And when I practiced the Bikram Yoga I asked myself why. And as always, I had the answer in the end.

Nothing, and I mean nothing except the tribe called Hall, is permanent for me. Even this move, this new job. It will be for two or three years tops. I will aways be a nurse turned nurse practitioner. Just not in the same place. Honestly though, I want to settle into permanent outside the tribe, it just won't happen until I can set down roots.

Thus the poking fun of the white people with dreadlocks.


Making fun or playing dumb allows me to keep a small and sturdy wall up. Yet there is a change coming. I feel it. After all, I try not to write posts just to state the obvious status or me and mine. Well, at least not anymore.

Time will tell if I can stop being a brat. I will however, never ever stop making fun of


I mean, what the hell! Dude, that is sooooooooooooo nasty. ug.

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Verdant Earl said...

Andy Samberg just did a video this weekend on SNL making fun of white people with dreadlocks.

Mrs. Hall said...

Hey Earl:

Yeah, I saw that. But I would like it noted that I wrote this a full day before that video was broadcast.

take that SNL!



Anonymous said...

We're sooo sympatico...

Also, a friend of mine kept telling me about this great singer, Ani Difranco, so I checked her out on Youtube, and guess what? I could not get over the white person dreadlocks. I did like the song 32 Flavors, but the dreads? What about the dreads? What does it even mean?

Some things are not meant to be answered.

Slyde said...

damn you earl.. i was posting the exact same comment before i looked up and saw you did it already...


GeologyJoe said...

did everyone see SNL this week? sheesh.

...but white people with dreads smell so good. :s i don't get it ;), it's 2008, i know you have bathing opportunities, please use them.

Mrs. Hall said...


You must, I mean MUST NOT you tube Ani Difranco.

You must explore her music slowly and get recommendations from an Ani fan.


She is a hyper girl and the stuff on you tube, the live performances, are all hyper.

So you must wait, wait until I can get a post out about her.



Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde and Geo-Joe:

For the love of God yes, I did see SNL.

And no, adam sandberg stole the idea from me, I didn't steal it from him.

I wrote this post on friday people.

But, by all means, comment on the other things in the post.

It has layers people, layers.

onion have layers.

But I and my posts smell much nicer, I promise.

Go ahead, read it again and let me know.



James said...

I don't get SNL. I understood your layers though. I think your outlook on life is about right. I can especially identify with your naughty resistance now and then, sticking it to the man without making a big fuss.

Keep up the fight Mrs Hall.

Bruce Johnson said...

While this seems to be a bit of a rambling, bizarre, pat-on-the-back, look at me sort of blog, I actually know 'exactly' what you are talking about here.

I have run across the same similarities in my life and come to many of the same conclusions. So this all makes perfect sense.


Ow, and the White folks with Dreadlocks.....WTF?

Anonymous said...

I trust your judgement, Mrs.

I will slowly back away from the youtubing of Ani.

I did hear "Hour Follows Hour' and it made me cry a little. Or alot, whatever...

Anonymous said...

I'm not white or black but white people with dreadlocks look fucking retarded, please stop getting them you're just embarrasing yourselves.

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