Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Potter's Ground Extra: Tell the meaning of this DREAM

This post is about finding the meaning of my dream, not the picture. Please click here for the dream.

If you can tell me the meaning of this dream, you get 10 points.

(just click on that sentence to go to the real post.)

O- I am choosing a first name, feel free to suggest one in the comments :)

Good Luck!

10 Left a message at the beep:

Anonymous said...

Freud, I'm not, but...

You mention that you cheated on another, so could it be that you have unresolved trust issues within yourself? That you were terrified of ever crushing Mr. Hall, the way that you had your previous lover. It was guilt & fear all wrapped up into one extrememe & guilt inducing dream, lest you even THINK about doing it to Mr. Hall?

I don't know. I dream very vividly too, but it's always strange and frightening. Like Tim Burton meets PeeWee's Playhouse and such. Like a really bad acid trip...

I voted for your name, but under your previous post... I read backwards.

Mrs. Hall said...

Almost there gypsy girl. It is not so much the hurt that would be caused, but what would happen after. To us, I mean.


Verdant Earl said...

Consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg?

If that ain't it, then I got no idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the hurt for sure, but the leaving was implied. Though, clearly not clearly. He would be gone from your life just as the damage was irreparable with the former.

Getting closer?

GeologyJoe said...

i agree with b.e.earl. Its clearly an iceberg issue.

Mrs. Hall said...

Did the gentlemen of the group read the actual dream?

Just wanted to clarify because I hope you are not trying to figure out the meaning of the drawing up there.


Mrs. Hall

Verdant Earl said...

I saw the picture and not the link so guilty as charged. I was talking about the pic. I'll go read the dream now. Sheesh...this is a high maintenance post! ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

The majority of our thought and therefore ourselves lays within our subconcious.

Either that, or the subconcious is heavier than the concious because it is underwater.

Mrs. Hall said...

Sorry everyone-

I am looking for the interpretation of the dream (click on the hyper link)


so sorry for the confusion!!!!

Mrs. Hall

GeologyJoe said...

i actually did read it but figured the pic was part of the dream...eh, whaddyaiknow?

i didnt score so high on the reading comprehension part of my SATs ;p

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