Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Game Alert: Potter's Ground

Potter's Ground

A certain amount of my readers have a Y chromosome. I read a lot of blogs by men. As a nurse who is surrounded by women all day, it is nice to hear different voices. Plus, I like guys.

Men communicate differently. Men think and write differently than women. A great example of this can be found here.

One thing I am discovering about men is that they do enjoy online games. This must be some part of the Y chromosone. Thus, I will begin a game here because I like to keep my followers happy.

That is not to say I do not love the women.Nor am I saying women don't enjoy games. One of my favorite women bloggers is Steph. I heart incurable insomniac. She was the first blogger to blog roll me out of the blue. I hadn't even read her blog. She keeps giving me blog awards. I blush when she plugs my blog. This game was largely inspired by her.

So,men, women and those inbetween, are welcome to play.

Without further ado, let the games begin:

Potter's Ground

(that is the title of the game)


1. Guess the music reference (could be a song, a band, or a movie based on a singer/band's life), based on what clues I give. If you are up for it, share your thoughts on the musical reference. Or share a story if it means anything to you. Remeber, this blog is about love.

2. Points will be given based on difficulty. You can also aquire points just for sharing. The game will run for one month, then whomever has the most points wins a prize. After each month I will decide what to do next. Oh-I swear to God, if anyone mentions Sarah Palin you will lose all your points and get the ol' stink eye.

3. Prizes are listed below.

This game will serve the following purposes:

1. Kicking the lyrics out of my brain and onto the web.

2. Challenging my brain to make the musical references harder to guess. I am a typical alternative generation x-er. Thus, my music is recognizable to this demographic. (Yes, Mr. Earl, I do enjoy the Bikini Kill.) But, maybe not--if I try hard enough. And besides, does anyone ever really fit into their demographic?

3. I like games that reveal stuff about everybody involved.


I have thought about what prizes should be given. I could plunk prize money into a paypal account. But, I make no money off this blog. So no, you get no money.

Besides, money is no motivation for true music lovers.

I thought about having a cheap trophy or a toothbrush that I could send out. But this would be a dummy prize, a misnomer. But I do love the thrift stores. I am a large fan of St. Vinnies and Goodwill.


Prizes will be bought based on what I know about the contestant and their behavior during the game. And the prize will be based around music. It will be different every time. But, it will be from Mrs. Hall and all will contain much thought and care. And positive love.

Game will begin on Monday.

Good luck everybody!

4 Left a message at the beep:

Heff said...

I'm still a little steamed about my "zero", but I'm in !

Mrs. Hall said...

You will just have to work harder next time.


Mrs. Hall

Steph said...

Wow, how did I miss this entry? I'm really speechless, and that's no small feat.

I'll try to play, but I'm a Boomer, and a classical composer as well, so... but I was up on the music of the 80s. I love that era. Is that the music you'll be using?

I'll do my best!

Mrs. Hall said...

Don't be so sure you about what you will recognize.

And no, no hints as to the music I will use!



Mrs. Hall

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