Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is my life, right here

These are the items in my trunk. Note the stroller. The yoga mat. And the big, red, Swiss army backpack with the Litmann Stethoscope. Next time you watch ER look for the big L on the stethoscope. That would be Litmann. They are the best stethoscopes on the market for the money.

For those of you just tuning in, I currently work as a home health nurse. That back pack has a TON of nursing supplies from blood pressure cuffs (click on the words for illustrations of the following items) to sharps containers to otoscopes to wound and debridement kits. (For more on wound debridement, and you know you want to, go here ;) It fits everything a nurse needs while tending on the go. It is a great back pack. Steller even.

And not the brown jacket, better picture here. I wore it into a patient's house who was a heavy smoker. She funked up my jacket! And then, I put it in the trunk and my entire trunk got funked up.

The smell got better after airing things out, but jeez!

This is why I am not dressing like a grown up at this job!

O-and the box, a booster seat for Mac because his too darn big for the high chair anymore. Which is a shame because you can strap kids into the high chair and make dinner. No so with the wee booster seat.

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GeologyJoe said...

It's funny that the trunk of one' car is an introspective of their life.
Sounds like meme post. Ill have to take a pic of the crap in my car and analyze it.

Mrs. Hall said...

Tag your it Geo-Joe!

Anonymous said...

I have a first aid backpack in my trunk. It is a purple backpack that was once my son's 'diaper bag' of sorts. It contains water bottles, band-aids, gloves, & some suckers for any upset children. I also keep a blanket back there.

The trunk of your car is likened to the contents of your purse, you can figure out alot about a person.

Heff said...

As a smoker, I hate it for your jacket. Smoke smell gets embedded in EVERYTHING when you smoke in your house. Heff smokes OUTSIDE only.

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: Yes, good stuff to have in the trunk. I will be giving a lot of the stuff back when I leave this job. And the trunk is a respository for a person's personality I believe.

Heff: Good for you not smoking in the house.

I would be remiss to offer any help if you were considering not smoking all together.

Have you thought about it?

I quit. It took like seven times but dammit, I quit.



Slyde said...

do you carry an enema bag in there?

(im asking for earl.. he was too shy to ask himself)..

Mrs. Hall said...

Dear yellow chicken AKA Earl:

Yes, I do have bowel cleansing supplies including an enema. I see a lot of elderly who, um, are at risk for bowel obstruction.

So there ya go.




Mrs. Hall said...


You are a very good friend to post this question.

I can't help but think this is rouse though, did Earl really ask?



Bruce Johnson said...

I could do the same thing, but it would just be a picture of my garage.

Chris said...

No condom catheters?
Those thing would save any man's life, especially at football games!

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