Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eventually, all women talk about this

Eventually, all women talk about this.

I will only discuss the movie briefly. So bear with me. :)

Because my husband loves me, he acquired a copy of the movie "Sex and the City." Now, I was not a huge fan of the series. More of a fan of what the series said. That being the back and emotional stories of the women. And while it got into some depth, it was never quite that deep.

Either way, because my husband loves me, we drank wine and watched the series and he listened as I rehashed several previous relationships and how I had been hurt. Good times.

The movie was a fuck all disappointment. And I can tell you why.

Somewhere along the line, the writers become obsessed with interjecting things like post-feminism, meaningless consumerism, and Sarah Jessica Parker started to write her 'ideas' into the script. And while I have no problem with any of these story lines or abject influences, when you interject what you want to say with what your write, the story dies on the page.

Again, the movie was a fuck all disappointment.

My God, there was a fashion show right in the middle of it. Poor Mr. Hall, he powered through the entire thing. Didn't even nod off. Whined a bit, but simmered down when I asked him to. All because he loves me.

But let's pause to consider the proverb:

What you don't like about others, you don't like about yourself.

And let's expand it out the writing in this movie, and it's sophomoric meanderings and stupidness that got to me so bad. Why did it irritate me so? Because I see part of my writing in it. Part of my writing here, in this blog.

As I expose my self here I find myself getting defensive. I am a minority. I am happily married, not into bondage or wife swapping of any kind, have two great kids, and truly am blessed. I am normal. Complicated and a bit odd sure, but in a very normal way.

And my defensiveness gets into my writing. I set things up to justify what I want to write and THUS IT BEGINS TO STINK AROUND HERE LIKE THE GOD AWFUL SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE.

So let me declare NO MORE!

Ya'll get who I am by now. But let me change directions from explaining and or justifying it. Let me really start to write here. Let me go in a direction that doesn't begin with fear or righteousness.

And let's be better for it. You and me.

Let's begin with a little name change.

How about I start using a first name.

How about Emily?

Or Sadie?

Any suggestions?

And while we are at it, any suggestions for the muse? Wax, palm trees, or mountain goats?

And then, let's truly begin what we are all here for.


Mrs. Hall

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Verdant Earl said...

What we call ourselves doesn't really matter, and what inspires us is our own.

Write what you like and your voice will be heard. No matter what you call yourself.

Heff said...

Damnit !! I missed Monday. Your husband must love you alot to bring home that Sex and the City garbage. Booyah !

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: I disagree with the name. I believe names have a certain power to direct us. To shape who we are.

And how other's treat us. For instance, if I were to call you Britney or Amber, our conversation would flow a little differently.

Just sayin'


Mrs. Hall

Verdant Earl said...

Mrs. Hall - you are talking about two different things. Of course I wouldn't want you to call me Britney or Amber. No one wants to be referred to as something they aren't.

But the name I pick for myself (B.E. Earl) for my blog-life means absolutely nothing. It's from a comic strip that I enjoy, but that's it. I could easily have picked Milkman Dan or Ted Johnson or Johnny Lemonhead or even my real name and it wouldn't change who I am or what I write about. I don't even think that it would affect how others see me. And if it did, I don't really care because we spend too much time caring what others think about us anyway.

That's what I meant. :)

Bruce Johnson said...

Well, this is just bizarre, you are a woman and you hated the movie and I am a man and I liked the movie.

What is next? Cats sleeping with dogs?, John McCain in Barrack's Cabinet? The world is getting scary.

Bruce Johnson said...

maybe.....Xena...warrior blogger?

Mrs. Hall said...


You will have to explain to me why you liked this movie.

What I saw when I watched this movie was very cliche and cheap writing. And was so very, very choppy and disconnected. There was no arc, no character development.

I am really curious about what you liked about this film. Well, besides the boobies.

And unfortunately, I cannot choose Xena as a name. I'm just not feeling it and want someone who really loves and lives the show to take it.


Mrs. Hall

Bruce Johnson said...

I liked this film sort of on the Rebound. I watched it after seeing "The Dark Knight" (Batman Flick) which I loathed. It was nothing but psycho escapist violence which I don't much care for. So watching Sex and the City, it at least had a human quality stressing interpersonal realtionships a understanding.

Don't get me wrong here. The film is pure fluff fantasy for ego driven women, but at its core is the concept of friendship and love and getting through life. If I had a daughter, I would take to see Sex and the City long before I would allow her to watch The Dark Knight.

(for name, how about Delphi - the speaker of truth?)

Mrs. Hall said...

Heff: Yes, the man thinks I'm the bees knees.


I see now! You were weakened by populist violence.

I hope you never see Saw. eek!

Delphi is interesting. A bit heavy though. I am schooled in the plays of Sophocles (I really enjoyed Antigone vs. Oedipus if that makes any sense, yay for you ;)

If no, wikipedia Sophocles, and click on the hyperlinks for Oedipus and Antigone. This will be worth your time I promise!

But-Delphi? Hmm..we shall see. I might lean toward something lighter.


Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall said...


Yes. I do see what you are saying. But for me, the name means something. And will direct what I write.

Really, there is no way that names can not color how we read these blogs. Your blog wouldn't be the same without blinking creepy avatar or the name. That's a fact Jack! I mean Britney, er, Miley NO NO! EARL! Bug eyed Earl!

(ok ok enough)

Misses Hall

Anonymous said...

Since I know how much you love Johnny Cash, I vote for names in some of his songs...Sue, Ira, Delia, Rose, Lady, Kate & from 'The sons of Katie Elder', my fave is Katie Elder.. His mama's name was Carrie River Cash, his daughters Roseanne, Kathleen "Kathy", Cindy, Tara, Carlene Carter Cash, and, of course, there's his June...

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