Monday, October 27, 2008

Salad days of yore

First day of my new job went well. Well, it was 8 hours a sitting through orientation. Power point, power point, power point . . . . two more days like this. Man o man!

Can't complain though, no longer will I have drive, drive, drive. No more home health. No more flicking roaches off my red back pack.

This looks to be a thin week in terms of blogging. In fact, I may have to slow the train a bit overall. At my new job, I will be responsible for all sorts of things. No more blogging on company time. After all, I don't have the company laptop anymore.

People come to me now. They come to see me and I will charge them. I am thusly responsible for 'production numbers' aka seeing a certain amount of patients in my office each day. They and their insurance company will get their monies worth!

I can't wait to see my office. (squeek!)

But, what I will lack in quantity of posts, I hope to make up for in quality (I hope anyway). The salad days of slacking at will are over. ;)

So for, let's entertain ourselves with this little ditty. And remember the salad days of Miss Holly Madison.



3 Left a message at the beep:

GeologyJoe said...

good luck HH.

Bruce Johnson said...

The only good thing about my job is that I get to slack off and blog....that and do raytracing renderings on the company computer.....and shop ebay...


mmm, I better stop now.

Good look on the new office....(hope it has a windows!)

Mrs. Hall said...

Thank you Geo-Joe!

Bruce: I hope upon hope I have windows. :)

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