Friday, October 31, 2008

After a year of family therapy

Well, my family and I haven't really been in therapy, but we have been talking through things for about a year now.


Ring, Ring

Hello Gobsmack's residence.

Hey Mom.

Hi hon, what's up with the kids?

Nothing new.

Do you have their costumes ready for Halloween? You know your Dad and I are coming up next Friday.

Yessss Mom, I know you are coming. I'm calling to make sure you are bringing the truck, we should move me down that weekend.

Yeah, we're bringing the truck. What are you going to dress the kids as?

(this is where I am starting to get pissed off)

Mom! You understand that I am involuntarily leaving this city, selling my house and moving my entire family up there. And I've called you five times this week and each time all you seem to talk about is the kid's Halloween.

Well, you're going to let them go trick or treating right?

MOM! I never NOT let them go trick or treating. What the hell?

Well, your father and I just want to make sure they get to go.

Ok. Mom. Look. I am very scared about all of this. I am kind of having a mini-meltdown about it. I need you to say it'll be ok, I need you to be there for me and support me.

We are letting you move in aren't we? What more support do you need?

Mom. Look. Jeff and I are very very thankful that you are letting us stay in your basement until we can sell the house and buy a new one. But I need emotional support.

If moving bothers you so much then don't move.

MOM!!! look. You know how hard I have tried to find a job here. It just isn't going to happen. I have to move Mom you know this. I just need you to say it is going to be alright.

Sweetheart, you know your Dad and I aren't that way. We've talked about this. We are just more task-orientated than you. You deal with things by thinking about them. And going on about it. We are task people.

(silence for a while, I let it sink in for the fortieth time)

Yah, I know. I just have to give you lists. You can help me pack and move a bunch of stuff when you come up. Are you bringing the truck?

Are the kids going to be ready for trick or treating?


Well, yes, we've cleared out the back for your dresser. And we are bringing up our Rubbermaid's to help you pack.

Ok Mom.

Ok Holly.

Love you.

Give those kids a big kiss and we love you.

See you Friday sweetheart.

True to their word, they had brought the truck and had no less than 6 big Rubbermaid packed when I got home from work on Friday.

And I know she will never read this blog, but,

Thanks Mom. Thanks for doing what you can.

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Verdant Earl said...

You didn't really dress your dog that way, did you?

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, technically that is not my dog. It's some dog from the AP.

I have a very big black dog. And no, he would not stand for such things.

I would love a little dog, but I was outvoted by Mr. Hall. Turns out, I couldn't have a better dog if I would have built him myself.


Mrs. Hall

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