Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The next Mr. Hall

Now is the time on Mrs. Hall when I type out stories I have spoken many times before.

When I was 13, all awkward insecurity, body of a woman, mind of a kid, we would take these long car trips to see relatives. Ten hours in the K car each way. Me, my Mom, my Dad and my brother.

During these trips, as was the fashion of the day, I listened to rap music. It was really popular back then. Yo MTV raps was one of my favorite shows.

And there was one man, one rap artist who I listened to more than most. And he spoke of himself like a God. I didn't know it was possible to talk about yourself like that. To think of yourself like that.

My first cassette of his did not have an "A or B" side, rather "Bigger and Deffer".

If he ever shows up at my door and says, "Hey, baby, come on now", I'll say, "Give me five minutes to pack", and if he says, "No baby, I gotta go now" Then I will be gone.


Either way, his music gave a voice to use. A way of being comfortable.

Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for James Todd Smith,

Also known as LL Cool J.

This is "I'm Bad" and it's still my personal anthem.

Favorite Lyric "Forget oreo's eat Cool J cookies"


If you will have none of this--try this on.

And remember, her bikini was small, heels tall, she said, she likes the ocean . .

Extra potter's ground points if you can name the porn star and music producer in this video.

13 Left a message at the beep:

James said...

I hate to admit it but I am no good on porn stars no points for James there then. Laundry Fairy has all the porn DVDs stashed in her underwear draw I could maybe do research later.

Had to chuckle at Mrs Hall at age 13 "body of a woman mind of a kid"
Hey who am I to burst your bubble?

James in England

Mrs. Hall said...

Yah, maybe you are right.

I mean, having gone through two pregnancies, I now realize just how out-of-proportion my thinking was to my actual body.


Mrs. Hall

James said...

Don't feel bad though, Laundry Fairy has had SIX kids and I like her body just as much as before.

At 13 I felt kinda like an untested missile I didn't know if the warhead would know what to do when the time came. At least you had the confidence.

Mrs. Hall said...

So now you know why I speak with such confidence and post 'pat on the back' type stuff.

Six kids!!

My goodness.

Well, these kids, they are the best salesmen for themselves.

we are actually started to plan a third.

I will really, really, really, really, enjoy the effects, however temporary, of a fresh infusion of pregnancy hormones.


Mrs. Hall

Slyde said...

dammit! i came here looking to score some points on my extensive knowledge of porn.

you must have posted a youtube clip tho, because i cant see it here at work. no fair!

but based on the lyrics you put up at the top, its from one of my fav 80's songs by L.L. Cool J, so im gonna guess is the producer to the clip that i cannot see. I'll try t guess the porn star tonight.

Anonymous said...

Rick Rubin & is that Traci Lords? I don't know. Maybe it was Russell Simmons, now that I think about it. It was Defjam, and so it was one of them. But, the blond with the glasses, Traci Lords? Final answer: Rick Rubin & Traci Lords

Yeah, I watch porn, so what?

Slyde said...

i guess i should have named the song.... its goin' back to cali, by l.l. cool j

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! I didn't name the freakin song!! D'OH!!!

Good for you Slyde!!!

Darnits all around for me!

Mrs. Hall said...

CAM o CAM!!!

You win the prize!!!

It is indeed Rick Rubin and Traci Lords.


Slyde: Thanks for trying and sorry there is no video viewing at your work.



Anonymous said...


Oh what an honor!! Let's see I'd like to thank the Academy (you like me, you really like me!), Mrs. Hall, of course, for her inspiration, uhhh...let's see Ms. Lords for all the education, LL for being so fine... and....

Slyde, thank you for pushing me to beat you & Earl (cue music)

Let it be known that what Cam says is: Cam knows her porn!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Holly,
The way i am feeling today, L L COOL JAY says it best!

I may have to use that on my blog! OK?

I know i don't comment much but your blog is BAD!!!! In a very good way!!

Mrs. Hall said...

Hi Michelle:


No need to comment unless you have a comment to say.


Mrs. Hall said...

I get the feeling the Earl is holding back here.

Thank you Earl.

If you are holding back.



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