Sunday, November 2, 2008

Getting my attention, and keeping it

It takes a special blog to gain my loyalty. Not because I am all that and a side of slaw, but because I am chronically exhausted. This is what happens to everyone who has small kids.

But, the blogs I go to have a common thread. They are nothing like me. The exception being Cam. "What Cam Says" But, who knew there was a long lost twin out there for Mrs. Hall?

Yeah see, I value different. I enjoy hearing about other types of jobs and hearing people's stories. Big shock considering what I do for a living eh?

But, again, tired. So, a blog has to be really, really interesting to both catch my attention and keep it. They must work for my loyalty.

Even though they are different from each other, there are some trends in the demographics. They are mostly older guys in their 40-50's. Two of them "Slydes Blog" and "Bug-Eyed Earl" are friends and trade barbs in their comment sections. In that guy way of ribbing each other. Slyde is a Daddy, I enjoy reading about this. He also tells excellent penis jokes. These blogs are highly recommended because they are 100% guy. Very wonderful blogs indeed.

Another blogs featuring a new Daddy, is "Geology Joe". He is a veterinarian. No, I kid! He is a geologist and often publishes the unexpected. Highly recommended this one.

Then there is my other blog which I co-author with several other bloggers. This is called "Bonez". It was started by a man named Tony who has unique appreciation for all things. Again, highly recommended.

There is a new health care section of sorts. That would be "Mr. Poopie " (a licensed massage therapist) and "Antler" whom works in the care of those that have passed. Mr. Poopie is especially funny and poignant. Antler is a touch more heady and gives me a peek into another life. Awesome blogs indeed.

Another heady blog, but in an extremely efficient way, is called "Hypocrisy". This blog is by Bruce aka Lotus07. He is also a proficient photographer that produces evocative images. I plan on using them more often. I honestly am unsure if he understands what he has in his images, they are amazing. It is pretty amazing what hidden talents people have.

For a blend of the heady and the arts, please see "Incurable Insomniac".

There is an art section. This would be "Not Keith." I think he will be my only art blog because he is just that good.

His good friend and talented writer, "Bete de Jour", is a blogger of somewhat cult following. If you go, pack a picnic basket. You're going to be there a while.

In the funny section is "An Englishman in Osaka". He's English, he's a man, and he's in Osaka, Japan. Funny people, funny!

My favorite funny? Why, that would be "Photo-Cliches". This will serve all your juvenile humor needs. Please, if you go nowhere else, please go to the "Statue Groping page." There is nothing more pleasing. Trust me.



I won't be explaining why.

Just click HERE.

Highly recommended is the post entitled "Old school"

Which contains this quote that solidified my decision to become loyal to his blog.

"I’ve told people they were “as entertaining as bone cancer.” I’ve made references to trailer parks and compared people to the size of my bowel movements. I’ve expressed these and many other constructive thoughts in the name of making a living wage.

This job has failed in its attempt to make me a better person."

That is good writing my friends.

But THAT'S IT!! I will not be finding or reading any more new blogs. I'm tired of finding all this great interesting writing and stuff. I'm done for now.

unless you know of another awesome blog.

but only if it is truly awesome!

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B.E. Earl said...

Um...BARELY in their 40's! Slyde just recently turned 40 and I'm 41. Let's not get carried away by mentioned in the 50's. :)

Holly Hall said...

Look-ee-here Mr. Earl--yer profile says 'pirate looking at fifty.'

so that is why I assumed you were older than most.

jeez, touchy!



B.E. Earl said...

Sorry. That was a reference to a Jimmy Buffett song. "A Pirate Looks at 40". Since the only way I could look at 40 now would be in a rearview mirror, I changed it to 50. But 50 is way far down the road. WAAAAY down there. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs! Thanks for the referral. I really dig the new blog.

We love bouncers. Berg used to be a bouncer and his newly ex-best friend (& best man at our wedding) still is (after 8 years now) at a bar some friends of ours own. We used to go in there and party like rockstars. Alas, nevermore. But for the memories, and some of the pictures, I will be forever thankful.

Slyde said...

just for the record, my penis jokes are usually about someone ELSE'S penis.

and way to hurt a dude about being an older guy... i just turn 40, for gosh sakes! Thats basically still 35, isnt it?

Holly Hall said...

JEEZ Slyde!

You and your boy Earl are a bunch a babies with the age thing!

Ok, your're thirty five.

I can tell you though, Mr. Hall is 40 and I can tell you I would not have it any other way.

When men are more seasoned, they are much more manly. Which I like, cause I'm not a lesbian.



GeologyJoe said...

thanks for the high recommendation. appreciated.

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