Sunday, November 2, 2008

Potter's Ground

Welcome back to Potter's Ground.

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This month's theme: Revolutionaries

This week's task: Connect this painting with a currently popular song. And by all means, tell us what you think about it all.

Artist: Frida Kahlo

10 Left a message at the beep:

GeologyJoe said...

Watermelons make me think of summer. Kid Rock has a song out right now "All summer long"

However and perhaps a better guess is that Cold Play has a song titled "Viva La Vida"

as for the painting...its a pretty good still life.

Bruce said...

I am absolutely stumped.....stumped I say.....stumped (or just stupid)

Anonymous said...

Me too!

But, I want to share a link with you. I know how much Johnny means to you, and I know that he transcends any particular genre you may normally favor, so I'm not sure what type of music you normally listen to. I heard this song the other day (berg listens to country) and I LOVE it! The regular video sucks, but this is a tribute in pictures.

Holly Hall said...

Geo-Joe has the "better guess."

Now, the second part is telling how you feel about it all.



Anonymous said...

Duh!! Now I see it in the painting!

I've always thought that the song was loosely based on the Buddhist thought of Impermanence. In a cool Coldplay sort of way.

It makes me think about George Bush every time I hear it. Weird, huh?

I feel like it's lonely at the top and those below wait to topple you. What goes up, must come down...

Slyde said...

the new name of this contest should be "make slyde feel stupid".

but in retrospect, i actually do know that song. The first thing that came to my head tho, was "la vida loca"...

GeologyJoe said...

how many points to i get? :) i dont have feelings about the song, other than it's a decent song, so maybe just 2. :(

Holly Hall said...

Ok everyone:

Geo-Joe gets 10 because he guessed right first.

Cam gets five because she brought Johnny Cash into the conversation and shared a personal feeling about the song.

Ok, I am trying to be less obscure and more "Jeopardy" about this game. Meaning, the clue points directly to the music reference.

And even if you don't know the answer, you can find your way there if you think about it.

Much better guessing this time. I hope this continues.

For the rest of you, better luck next week.



B.E. Earl said...

I knew it, but since I won last month I was trying to let the other kids have a shot.

Really. Seriously. Honestly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Had you heard that song yet, Mrs?

And I think I'm getting Bergen tickets to the Country Music Hall of Fame for Christmas. They let you tour the exhibits, get an audio tour, and then THEN, the Ryman. The stage where the magic happens.

I looked into getting him something with Johnny's autograph on that, but with the move, I don't currently have an extra $300-$400, but I if I win the lottery by Christmas, there is a signed guitar for $3K... Bergen would just freak out!!

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