Thursday, November 13, 2008

Has everyone heard of these?

Have you people heard about these web cam thingies?

They are awesome fun.

The wee Mac and I watching The Wiggles on you tube

This is the wee Pancake showing off her "owl eyes"
Not technically a webcam photo, but come on, so cute!

Still not photos from the web cam but . . . .

My husband, when he was eight years old, took apart a lawn mower engine and put it back together. I know because I have seen the actual photos. He still takes apart engines, and photographs them while he does it. We have like 300 such photos in the digital photo folder. He takes photos of engines and the computer innards and whatnot. It use to annoy me to no end, having such photos clogging up my storage space.

I try to ask him why he does this, this photographing ... But then he tries to explain what he is doing with the engines . . . installing carburetors . . . and well . . . . I lose consciousness. But now, when I look at these, I feel all sorts of tender for the man who takes them. I feel tender looking at them.

Ya'll have a good weekend.

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B.E. Earl said...

I'm afraid to use my web-cam.

I might crash my computer! ;)

Anonymous said...

From too much sexy, Earl?

Your little pancake looks so sweet, how do you not gobble her up?

Hope you and the family have a sweet reunion this weekend!


Holly Hall said...

Earl is too sexy for his shirt, too sexy it huuuuuuuuuuurrrttts!

hee hee

Cam: the reunion will be sweet! And she is very yummy indeed.


Bruce said...

Taking apart engines and photographing is a guy wouldn't understand.

Holly Hall said...

Bruce: hee hee. I bet you have all sorts of engine pix!

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