Sunday, November 9, 2008

Potter's Ground

This will be a different Potter's Ground. I am much too tired to come up with a riddle.

Let's discuss something I have endless energy for. Art.

More specifically, Frida Kahlo.

She is painter from Mexico who had a really bad accident early in her life. Then she met Diego Rivera, a communist mural painter. Really bad "accident number two" per her report. I love this woman's paintings. I really love her paintings people. I love the movie too.


"Loyalty is important to me"

This is the problem though, fidelity is paramount within a marriage in order for it to thrive. There is a lot of pain in Frida's paintings in terms of this marriage with Diego.In terms of her accident, her inability to carry life inside her. So, why I am drawn to them? Why do I see myself in so much of Frida's work?

In all honesty I am a fully formed, happily married wife and mother of two. But why do I feel sucker punched when I look at certain paintings? Why do they call to me?

This clip is about the music from the film tells me a bit more about it all.

And lastly, we have a song by Chavelas Vargas, the one talked about in the previous clip, and the creation of my favorite painting by Frida Kahlo, "The Two Fridas".

This woman, Frida Kahlo,she had a very complicated and beautiful life.

One of my readers really can't understand why I don't do more in this blog, more in terms of public service. And this is why---this blog is my chance to fully explore all the inner swashes of color that I can muster. I try to write as Frida painted. Looking in, swimming in all of this rich inner life I've only told my husband.

So I write a lot about me and my tribe. Which, by all accounts, are stable and without much drama. Certainly nothing like the life of Frida.

So I wonder, can art grab you if it doesn't cry out in pain, if it doesn't vibrate with craziness? It is still interesting if it is mostly a celebration?

You tell me.

I'll award points accordingly.


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James said...

I say YES it can. The painting or sculpture or piece of writing or music has been mediated by the vision of the artist. It is his or her interpretaion of something inside that has to get out and find form.
It can be about beauty or ugliness, pain,sadness,love or whatever; but I believe that to touch someone else it must have TRUTH.

That's what art means to me anyway.

B.E. Earl said...

Art can come from and represent a whole range of emotions and feelings other than pain.

Lust, Love, Hate, Pity, Longing, Sorrow, Joy, Menace, Envy, Hunger, Pride, etc...

I like my art to be about all of that shit.

Slyde said...

Oh, it ABSOULTELY can...

I'm not a big lover of what many would call 'classical' art, but there are some forms of art that, when i look upon it, just makes me stop and stare.

The art has done its job.

Sometimes its from a painting, like frida (loved the movie too), but sometimes it can come from a sketch in a comic book.

whether it is to marvel at the emotions brought forth from the canvas, or just an appreciation of the talent involved in the depiction, art can grab me in many differnt ways in its many different forms..

Holly Hall said...

James: Yes, I agree, one of the basic components of art must be truth. :)

Earl: I agree with you too! There are so many emotions to express, so much ground to cover.

Slyde: See, this is what I like about you. All penis jokes aside, I sense a similiar sensibility.


points will be tallied by wednesday :)


GeologyJoe said...

Art doesn't only need to cry out in pain or vibrate with craziness to be art.
Good art expresses different things to different people. Take Michelangelo sculptures like David or Pieta. For me they are about the skill and ability to shape rock into real fleshy looking forms. For others is about capturing Jesus and religion.

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