Monday, November 24, 2008

Potter's Ground

Welcome back to Potter's Ground

For some reason the comments are not showing and people are having a hard time commenting, so just email me if you want

Last time this month, winner will be announced on Wednesday

This song below is from a very earnest band called The Killers. The title is called Mr. Brightside.

I must first point out that this song is the--


I have taken thirty five minute walks with my dog, listening to this song on repeat. I can get a little obsessive.

Anywho, the song filled with visuals of a girl he loves, loving someone else. It is a song about betrayal.


The singer sees real acts of betrayal and imagines them. The betrayal I am looking for is not one he sees "all in his head" but one that he really sees.

It involves his girl sharing something with someone who is not him.


Good luck!

And Slyde-you have my permission to look up the lyrics cause you always complain that you can never see the videos. But only Slyde, and only this once!

And by all means. Get this thing on your ipod or what ever mp3 player you have and get out there and work it like a redheaded step child. Because again---


The rest of this album . . .meh

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B.E. Earl said...

It has something to do with apple that Eric Roberts throws her. Something about original sin and all, I bet. But it's early and I'm feeling a little stupid this morning.

Anonymous said...


Was I supposed to email you? I didn't see the comment option. My answer is a cigarette. Hope you have a better week. Being out of the house and at work always helps though. Cam

Holly Hall said...

Earl: You were almost there!

Cam: YES you get the first 10 points! and um, yeah, not being in the house is good for my mental health.


{{Cam}} said...

WOO-HOO!! I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Thank you for reposting this for me. I'm not sure why I didn't see the comments as I see them now. I believe that the internet conspires against me winning Potter's Ground.

And, I too, enjoy this song! But, it is also tainted, as my younger seester was breaking up with her first love back when it hit the charts. And he did cheat on her. But, do you know that karma is a skanky ho because while cheating on her that night (at their party) he knocked up that other girl and they had TWINS!! which added to the 2 she already had for a grand total of 4 children that he now lives with. And he is sooo not a married/daddy type! He is of the 'go out and party all the time' variety. He does not look happy.

Ahh, good stuff. Thanks for this one, Mrs!!

{{Cam}} said...

Tell them to scroll down to where comments is located and keep pressing their refresh button. That is what has worked for me. Maybe it will work for them too.

Bruce said...

I am handy-capped.....can't see the video......I never get to see the videos.......(frinkin ITD assholes.)

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