Monday, November 17, 2008

Parents 0 Holly Hall 1

I could put a lot of things here, about the criminal subterfuge that goes on between my parents and I. We are roommates now. Well, temporarily anyway.

I could go on and on about our central conflicts. Make pie charts about what we fundamentally disagree on.

But no no, o no.

I will say that I picked up a few pounds (ok ten) in the three weeks since moving in. And DAMMIT! I say:


I reevaluated. Looked over my diet that was being infected by their constant eating of beef, effing fucking white fucking 99 cent bread, effing oily american individual sliced Kraft fucking disgusting cheese, fat and salt and I say again:


I stopped letting them shop for me. Stopped listening to their eye rolls as I made my own three bean chili. My delicious, yummy food. And no, they can't have any. They suck.

And yes, o yes, I am down five pounds. And I say again:


And while I am may live in the same house as them, and be witness to their mass consumption of crap, I am above it. I stand leagues above it. All healthy and healthier by the day.

Can I get an Amen?

O yes, yes I can!

Ladies and Gents, I give you,


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Slyde said...

good for you, sister.... eat right and you can keep the weight off..

James said...

You put on ten pounds in 3 weeks..damn! Good for you taking the emergency action. I predict the next battle will be over what they want to give your kids to eat..

James said...

Mrs Hall I am doing a Christmas competition on my blog fancy having a go?
I know you are probably not a competition person but the offer is there...

PS There is my artwork on my blog if you scroll back far enough.

Bruce said...

Amen, sister.

The three rules:

Never get back together with an ex-lover.

Never go back to your old job.

Never move back in with your parents (unless absolutely necessary).

You have my sympathies.

Holly Hall said...

Slyde: Will do!

James: Thanks and yes, the battle over what the kids are should eat was faught already. I won when the first baby was in my belly. Hee hee

and yes, I enjoy contests!

count my in!

Bruce: You are very right with these rules. And unfortunately, I have broken all three at one point. The job and the ex was NOT a good idea.

But, this moving in with the parents, well, this will prove to be of benefit. Even if I have to kill them.



GeologyJoe said...

**ahmen-turning on gravelly pastor voice**

AMEN SISTAH! *ah* CAN I GET SOME MULIT-GRAIN BREAD *ah* Did Jesus cliiiimb to the top of the temple*ah*? Only to go out on that cross *ah*?

**gravelly pastor voice off**

I'm sure you got your eye on what Pancake and Mac are eating, or are they with you yet?

Tony said...

Good for you, Holly. I am still aghast at how family members react when someone wants to take control of what they put in their body and improve their health and self-image. I am going through something similar right now with my Daughter who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. She's all in a tizzy because she knows I and her brother are vegetarians and there is nothing for us to eat at the feast. WTF? We eat everything except meat so how come they cannot get that through their heads? My son and I are preparing a Tofurky roll with vegetarian stuffing and bringing that to the "feast". "They" are "offended" because we suddenly think we are too good to eat "their" food. Sheesh. Families can be such a pain in the arse at times. No one should be offended because we are taking care of ourselves. What it is all about, of course, is that it makes THEM uncomfortably aware that THEY should be taking care of THEMSELVES. (giggling inside)

{{Cam}} said...

Don't take that lying down, Mrs!

Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!-Bob Marley

Michelle J said...

We will rock you!!

You will rock us!!

You do rock us!!

Be patient and the weight will fall off!!!

Heff said...

but eating krap is SOOOO much fun !

Dr Zibbs said...

Hellll yaaaaa.

ric said...

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