Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I knew this was going to happen

Moving four hours away, into my parent's basement means, something else. It means moving to my home town. Which I left at age 18, 18 years ago.

Which is fine really. I harbor no hard feelings. We (the town and I) didn't know how to get along when we first lived together. What with we me being an angry artsy type and the town being hicksville. I didn't know how to smile. But I do now. Having long since learned to let my love shine, I am all sorts of fun and happy. This is who I am now.

This town is different too. It is bigger. There are non-white people living here. And the edge that is still hick? Well, I find it charming. Maybe I'll take up line dancing. Although, um, probably not.

But, today it happened. I knew it was going to. I was recognized. At my son's new day care no less. By someone from my high school no less. All my eighteen years of being anonymous, of being able to make up my back story, are gone. Perhaps this is a good thing. After all, I worked very hard to get here. Might as well take some credit.

I can't hide!

No paparazzi!

Well, I will miss my old radio stations. There are no less than three country stations here. Which is not too bad in small doses. In fact, I have taken quite a fancy to this song. I like to think, that if Mr. Hall were a country singer, he would sing this to me.

I say to me, welcome home Mrs. Hall (nee Godsmack) Welcome home indeed!

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James said...

I been away from the place I grew up a similar time to you, about 17 years. The place has changed for the worst. I am always sad when I go there like my memories are being challenged or destroyed. Can't explain.
Know what you mean about making up the back story.
I became a new person when Laundry Fairy and I got together and I moved away. We made our own space.

Slyde said...

aside from living upstate for a few years, i have lived about 40 minutes from where i was born my entire life..

long island isnt THAT big of a place..

{{Cam}} said...

Ahhh, you crack me up. "I'd like to check you for ticks." Yeah, that won't be in my head all day or anything... ;)

I wrote a post at Gypsy awhile back about the forces that drew me back to my hometown. (temporarily) I left for the exact same reasons as you describe. And, I truly am in the belly of the beast right now. My sister's apartment is smack dab in the middle of town. I look out my windows and get THE FEAR!!

It scares the bejesus out of me. When I see someone I know, I'm like, "Ohhhh...hiiiiii...." *big fake smile, deer in the headlights look* "How you been? How's your mama?"
Do the same, it throws 'em off. And then just run away, Run Holly Ruuunnn....

Big Pissy said...

Aren't you a cutie! :)

Holly Hall said...

James: Yeah, making up a backstory. That is one of the better things in life, getting to make up your life. Kind of like a do-over. Well, noone here knows about my life in back there, so hee hee!!

Slyde: Long Island must be small, after all, you got to feel up Amy Fischer. Which I still don't understand how, but I trust ya ;)

Cam: Running into her was nice and cordial. The problem is, I doubt we have anything in common really. Well, who knows? But, hee hee, no where to run for a while. Might as well do as the natives do whilst I am here. And yay Tick song!

Pissy: I do so adore this webcam. Really, these webcams are such fun! I think the distort your image just enough that you skin looks great. And the photos are taken from above, so I am really quite the babe in the webcam's eyes!


Bruce said...

Think of it as the return of the Prodigal Daughter......

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