Saturday, November 22, 2008

I shall not want: Mall Bangs edition

You are the Lord, you are my Shepard;
I shall not want : Mall Bangs.

Lo, behold yon children in the mall indoor playground!
Witness! The shiny, Styrofoam treehouse of Your love!
Look at yon lacquered log, empty and hollow, waiting to be filled with Your glory.
It is laying down in worship, next to the treehouse of your glory!

Hark! Hear my fellow mom, hovering like an Apache!
Parking herself firmly between the lord of the flies,
And the rest of the sweaty children.

WITNESS! Her struggle, her pain, as she speaks!
In Your gift of adult and logical tongue she calls,

LOOK! Her mall bangs in this mall of Your glory.
She moves yon log away from Your treehouse of worship.
Honey now cannot hurt the temple you have built.

WAIT! LOOK FURTHER! As I cast my motherly eyes on yon Pancake.
WITNESS! Yon Pancake is moving the devotional log back to where You grew it
in Your infinite wisdom. And there it shall stay, in testament to You.

It is beside the tree house of Your glory
And yon Pancake, she is shining with Your wisdom.
WITNESS! HARK! She is helping her wee brother, Mac, up on the log.
So he can climb and be closer to Your glory.

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James said...

You have taught pancake good.....she is wise beyond her years.
We had one like that. We had high hopes. Then she went to school and was ruined by Babylon.

Mrs Hall if you want to be in my competition I need your full email to put you in permissions.

Big Pissy said...

Pancakes is such a good big sister.

Holly Hall said...

James: I think I actually use to be like the mall bangs Mom. Then my son came along who had a pretty bad burn on his palm and stitches while toddling around. These incidents happened WHILE I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.

So, at this point, I am pretty laid back with bruises and bumps.

And-posted my entry!


Big Pissy: She is indeed a very good big sister, always pushing Mac to run faster, leap higher. They really love each other. Warms my heart like no other.

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