Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The odd never ends

Odds and ends

1. The fresh new Potter's Ground Points are up. Good job on all the comments. It is good to know that truth is an essential to art. As well as love, passion and other shit. And I was most impressed with Slyde's answer. In fact, I think his answer inspired a post in and of itself. It is getting harder though, to keep this Potter's Ground going. I like the discussion part best. We'll see where it goes.

2. As I drive around in this semi-isolated town, I can't help but think it is getting darker, earlier.
It is, but it seems darker here. And then I realized, oh yeah, there isn't as many street lights in smaller cities. Which is doing a number on me. Mostly I am getting lost in the dark. More time to listen to my son sing along to the radio as we drive home at night. :)

3. Living with my parent's is surprisingly easy. If you live together, there is no pressure to socialize. Which is FABULOUS! Plus, they do all the laundry. Score!

4. I miss my daughter and husband. My daughter will be moving up this weekend. Not so my husband, that will have to wait until the house is ready for sale. Either way, I have to stop watching John and Kate plus eight. My family is not whole right now and I am hurting.

Here is the promo that never fails to make me cry.

5. I am so very very very happy with my new job. Really, I am so damn happy. I have trained so hard and worked so hard I am so happy to get this far. I am so happy to be part of a team with a united purpose. Maybe it is because my patients can drive to the clinic, and maybe because I am a nice person, but my new patients, for the most part, are thankful.


6. They should realize I am just thankful for the chance to serve.

7. I know my better half reads this and I wish he would comment, but he doesn't want to appear to be one of those husbands that hovers over his wife's blog. But, I miss you sweetie, see you in two days. :)

(Our favorite honey moon pic BTW)

And I just want it noted, not one person commented on my

dress or my flowers (click here people).

That's fine! No need to comment, no, no.


(author sticks tongue out)

5 Left a message at the beep:

James said...

If we comment now it will just look like we are creeping

Holly Hall said...

too late you already commented. might as well make it substantial.


{{Cam}} said...

Are those lillies? (lilies?)
I had daisies...

We got married on the front porch of an antebellum looking home, with big white columns. Some one drove by in the middle of the ceremony and yelled, "WOO-HOO, Gettin' Mar-ried!!) to which my uncle, who was videotaping quietly responded, "Woo-Hoo, Redneck Asshole!") We just mute that part...

You looked beautiful and blissfully happy with your new handsome hubby!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Well moving is tough so I feel for you I really do especially in my lower back!

Holly Hall said...

Cam: I think the are called 'star gazers"-the big pink flowers anyway. My husband actually designed the boquet after i couldn't decide what to pick ;)

Geo-Joe (who commented on the other post)-YES SNUBA! We are snuba-ing. Very fun. My first time in an ocean. Very fun!

Ole blue the heretic: you mightwant to put a heating pad on that!



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