Thursday, November 27, 2008

The heet between Mr. & Mrs. Hall

I have bothered Mr. Hall enough times to comment on my blog, to add his two cents, to defend himself on this blog. I fear it won't happen. Ya see, he is such a part of me that I want to him to speak here. Where I speak.

I think we came to a compromise. I asked him to send me an article that he found interesting. He reads a lot of articles from various news sources on the interwebs. I do not.

So he sends me this:


(from our local news place)
-- As temperatures drop, many filling up their gas tanks turn to a bottle called HEET, which claims to keep the fuel system from freezing.

In this "Good Question," WNOO-TV examines whether putting HEET in gas tanks helps in cold temperatures.

According to the label, HEET is made up of isopropyl alcohol.

"What alcohol does is absorb moisture," said David Important Guy, of Important College's automotive department. "So, if I were to put that into a gas tank, it would absorb the moisture out of the gas and run it through the fuel system."

That is especially important in winter, when that moisture can freeze.

But most of gas used in many vehicles already contains alcohol -- up to 10 percent ethanol. So, do these motorists really need HEET as well?

David Important said it's probably not necessary and is redundant.

"It does become less necessary because we've got that alcohol in the gasoline already," Important said.

But Important said that when it gets really cold -- such as 10 to 15 degrees below zero -- HEET could come in handy.

But he said it's probably not worth the extra expense or the extra trip to the store. The auto expert said he's never used HEET and that he has never had any problems in the cold.

"Is it necessary?" Important asked. "One could argue maybe not. But is it going to hurt? No."

NOW, we had just discussed this very topic in the car last weekend. I am OBSESSED WITH HEET. I am convinced that it is a secret elixir that runs even the shittiest of POS cars.


An article on HEET. Say it with me, an article outlining what HEET is and what it does. It's like that alarm clock he got me for Christmas, this article. Sure, it was very fancy and purposeful, but it was an alarm clock for Christmas, wait, wait no, an article on HEET for my blog. Sigh, I do love him so.

5 Left a message at the beep:

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hall,

My husband decided that it was a win-win situation to write on my blog even though he is probably not that interested in such things.

Okay, he is totally not interested in such things. And, he is technologically challenged. But, even so, he figured that
1. it is free
2. it really didn't put him out that much to do it
3. being so sweet and caring = Nooky. Sweet, glorious, Nooky.

I don't know if this sways you at all. I hope so. I'd like to read what you write. Try it out. You might like it. Berg says that any fan of Johnny Cash can take the HEET, so don't sweat it.

a Mrs. Cam

Holly Hall said...

Thanks for this Mrs. Cam!


James said...

It's a start.

Holly Hall said...

James: HAA HAA!!

so funny!



Bruce said...

Living in Arizona, the possibility of gas freezing really isn't a problem.

If I lived somewhere where it was a problem....I would move. Who the hell wants to drive in -15 degree temperatures?

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