Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is why I married Mr. Hall, right here

Last night I had my women's bible study group come over. With women comes children. Children who need watching so we can focus on studying the word. Mr. Hall volunteered to hold all the kids and keep them occupied down stairs. Volunteered without me asking really.

A few of the women were suprised by this. "Oh", they said, "my husband would never volunteer for that!" They said this kind of whisper like and round eyed.

Which got me thinking about my level of neediness and all that Mr. Hall does for me.

And there is a lack of what I do for him. Which I'm working on. He asks for a back massage most nights and this is the only thing he ever asks of me and dang if I don't try. But I am much better at being his sustainer.

Which is what Eve was. Eve is often listed as the 'helper' of Adam but really, she is the sustainer.

With this in mind I am mindful to sustain Mr. Hall properly. My attitude, the words I say, my facial expressions, the feelings I exude, I directly affect the Mr. Hall. I take care to fuel him properly. And I'm getting better at it.

I was mulling this over last night and I said to him, "How do you do this, be a husband to such a needy wife?"

"Well, it's not like you became needy overnight. You were a pretty needy girlfriend too. I knew what I was getting in to. It's not a suprise or anything." Then he snuggled close and said, "I love you".



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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a man! And your attitude is AWESOME--that's exactly the key to a strong marriage--to see it as a partnership and to examine your part in it's success. These are my favorite types of love stories.

Mrs. Hall said...

yes, this blog is a love story. wee!

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