Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got the fever, the fever for the FLAVOR

So. Mah job (mental health nurse practitioner) is dependent upon patients. Iffn I don't have patients coming in, I don't have much to do. Like today. I have four hours of cancellations. Because mental health patients have a high no-show rate. Because they are too busy being cray cray I guess. Or maybe they're busy servicing the Goddesses. WHO KNOWS?

So. That leaves me with nothing much to do. I could do my employee education stuff. But that's not due until October. I could do my mental health nurse practitioner education stuff. But that's not something I want to do.

I have books here to fill the time but nothing I want to read. I've made the rounds and chit chatted with coworkers but their patients ARE showing up so nothing to do there. Which brings me here. To ye old blog.

But, really, I've nothing much to say. Sure, there are lots of things I'm writing in the background. I've joined a real life writer's group here in real life. Which means I'm actually writing stuff not just this stuff. So yeah. I'll unleash those next week. but for now, nothing much to say.

I can say this though.

Woke up this morning with the overwhelming urge to take a pregnancy test. I have early, extra sensitive tests I can take 7 days post ovulation. But those never work out. Even when I've BEEN pregnant, I didn't come up positive until I was four weeks.

But. When I woke up this morning a little voice in my head said, "It's ok, you can test today." And I layed there, thinking yes, yes I can. But I didn't. I realize that testing this early is a fool's errand.

Needless to say, all this down time fuels my fever. My wondering and thinking about it. Thinking about the maybe baby in mah belly.

So I'll go now. I'll write up a review for Blood and Roses for Final Girl's Film club. Because that will be much more satisfying then reading about's tips on how to become pregnant.


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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow--really? I thought I was the only girl who delayed peeing on a stick until it was months along! Seems like the rest of the planet pees the morning after. On the stick, that is. Ahem.

Mrs. Hall said...

i need to test early so my doctor can test for other things and gah. but, 3 weeks in is too early. :)

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