Monday, March 7, 2011

i am bored and fiesty and have no where to put it

Look what my daughter made. Up there! LOOK! so proud of her.


this winter is killing me. KEEELLLINNNGGG MEEE. I want to climb mountains. And grab chainsaws and carve out totem poles from big logs of wood. I want to travel to spain and be all fancy and drink espresso in paris. I want to walk without hunching over, without gloves and scarf clutched to my neck. I want to hop on the bike and go to the park with my kids. And we'll chase them and be the monsters and they run and scream while we chase them.

It's unbelievable the amount of energy i have. The amount of energy that's just stifled by this stifling cold bastard of a winter.


i guess I'll just work out.

that being said. I forgot how much awesome this song is. really kicks my butt to go faster on the elipse. works out the rage.

"I kinda always knew I was gonna be your ex girlfriend. I hope I have a special place with the rest of them."


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RW said...

I too am sick of this winter. It's GOT to be the longest one on record in the history of mankind I swear to Gawd.

Slyde said...

i know what you mean.

the weather has been warming up, so i was starting to get spring fever, until yesterday morning when it was cold as hell and we got flurries all morning.

i was grumpy all day.

Mrs. Hall said...



Daisy said...

I hear you! I'm having a grumpy day today. Oh, well, that's what blogging is for. I can vent to the Interwebs instead of venting at my family.

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