Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm a Writer Wednesdays

Part of this blog, why I started this, was to get back to writing. Then I joined a real life writer's group. Here's one piece I wrote for that group.


My Baptism

When the man came round taking names, I knew it was time. I was done. Done running. Done fighting. Done being in charge. I threw my hand up, gave it a few pumps and said, "ME ME!!"

A month later, we gathered on the beach. In the sun I sat, gently petting the hem of my cotton dress. The sand coated my under shins. An Asian girl sat next to me, she asked if I go to this church. Off to the side I heard my kids begging, "Puuleaseeee . . . is everybody done yet? I wanna go swimming." I heard their Daddy give a hush, "No sweeties . . . Mommy's not done yet."

I walked into the lake. My dress ballooned outward. A breeze played with the puff, making waves in the purple cotton. I approached the pastor and he took my hand in his. He held a microphone in the other. As he spoke to the crowd, he stroked the back of my hand with his thumb. Turning to me, he asked my name and when I came to God. I said plainly and unplanned, "When my daughter was born seven years ago".

It's true.

Then he asked, " Do you accept Jesus as your personal savior? "

"I DO! I DO! Here I am God, I'm all yours!"

The pastor gathered me in his arms, I plugged my nose and went limp. I let him hold all of me. I was dipped backwards and smooth water whooshed over me. Under water, I lingered, feeling weightless. Then I was lifted up. Wet and besotted.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to answer the call! And I do love your daughter's mobile creation--just fantastic and colorful and WILD!

Mrs. Hall said...

hey, how you doing in this snow. AAAGAAAHAHAHAHAHFFHAHAKAKDKDKSLL!!!

yeah. doing ok up here. so.

yes. wild WILD!! :)

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