Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wait, what? You're going to do what to my what now?

Look. I'm sorry about this post. I don't meant to spill out the stuff of my life when what I have to say will NOT impress my new followers. Look at my 59 followers! So happy you're here!! And yes I realize one of them is me and a few of them prol'l never read this stuff anyway but shhhh don't spoil the dream people!

And really, no one wants to hear stuff that's weird like this but if I could keep things to myself and NOT share-- I wouldn't have a blog now would I??!!

ok so. Operation "Let's get knocked up" aka "Mommy wasn't careful" has been going on for seven months now. Which I'm ok with but I'm not really ok because I'm letting them do tests.

Because the problem is not that we can't get pregnant. Everything appears to be working just fine. Hormones, cycles yada yada yada. So now they need to check the structure of body parts that cannot be seen.

I mean, it's not my fault. If I were a guy I'd just put my business in a cup and be done with it. But my parts are inside. So this test I'm having, this involves flushing my inner girly parts with dye. During the flushing, they take a picture and get an xray like this:

That's right, it's time for a Hysterosalpingogram. CLICK IT I DARE YA.

Seriously. I mean really? They're going to do what to my what now?

sigh. well. sigh. ok.

Test is friday. wishes me luckies!

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Deep Kick Girl said...

I had one of those about twenty two years ago. Yikes, that makes me sound old... I am old. Nevermind.

It wasn't too much fun but it was over pretty quickly. The best part was having my gynos team of students standing down the pointy end watching. Nothing like an audience for when you're having a bunch of dye shot up your veejayjay. Aaahhhh, good times.

So here I am twenty odd years down the track with two adopted children. Unexplained infertility... it's a laugh!

the queen said...

You look so pretty. But ... it looks like the ovary on the left isn't connected to the uterus. I'm no doctor, though.

TrG said...

Good luck Mrs. H!

Lotus07 said...

Okie-Dokie than...a couple of things.

When you start out apoligizing for the content of the blog, it assures that EVERYONE is going to read it. Sort of like, no one can turn away from a pending train wreck.

I seem to recall a while back that you stated you 'were not' going to be discussing the whole "Lets Get Knocked Up" mission anymore on your blog.....I didn't beleive it this post is no real surprise to me (talk about a loyal reader)

As for the actual procedture (Hysterosalpingogram), I am going to sock that away for use in a scrabble game some day....just to really mess with peoples minds. Hell, I can't even pronounce it!

Based on the description, it pretty much sounds like the female version of a prostate have my sympathies.

And finally, Good Luck on Friday....seriously. We are all rooting for you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck!

LeSombre said...

I clicked, and got educated. Also, I laughed at the nice ad placement.


Good luck!

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